The Arizona Republic Is Right about Clinton-Trump Last Debate

I live in Arizona. I read The Arizona Republic newspaper every day. This state is extremely conservative politically. I thought Texas was conservative; that's where I lived for nearly forty years. It's not even close. Don't forget, Arizona is Barry Goldwater country.The third and final televised debate for the U.S. presidency was held last night between Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. After Clinton and Trump were neck-and-neck for much of the year, … [Read more...]

I Told You So

Earlier today I posted, "Trump Is Already a Bad Loser." I was proved even more right tonight by the third and last debate in this U.S. presidential election process between Democrat nominee Hilary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Near the end of this televised debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would accept the election results. The election is in twenty days, on November 8th. Why did Wallace ask Trump that question and not Clinton?For quite some time in … [Read more...]

Trump Is Already a Bad Loser

Throughout my career as a professional golfer on the PGA Tour and its Senior/Champions Tour, I occasionally would meet golfers who would say to me, "You pros get to play with better equipment than we amateurs do." They meant that the manufacturers of golf clubs and golf balls--such as Spalding, Wilson, MacGregor, Titleist, and nowadays also Callaway, Nike, and PING--make special clubs and balls for the Touring pros that are not sold to public, and this pro equipment is superior to the amateur … [Read more...]

Hilary Clinton and The Fellowship

The Fellowship--also called The International Foundation or the Fellowship Foundation--is a Christian organization centered in Washington, D.C. It has more influence on government leaders in our nation's capital than any other religious group. It was founded there by Abraham Vereide in 1944 and first called International Christian Leadership.Abrahm Vereide was a Norwegian immigrant who founded Goodwill Industries in Seattle, Washington, in 1916. (I was born in Seattle and grew up there.) He … [Read more...]

Did Paul Teach Unconditional Obedience to Civil Rulers?

The Apostle Paul wrote in his magisterial, theologically in-depth, and lengthy letter to "all God's beloved in Rome, who are called to be saints" (Romans 1.7 NRSV), that they should do as follows:13.1 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. 2Therefore whoever resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. 3For rulers are not a … [Read more...]

The PGA Tour’s Brenden Steele Redeems Himself at Napa

Yesterday, Brenden Steele won the PGA Tour's first tournament that launched its new season at the Safeway Open. Steele came from four strokes behind starting the last round. He birdied the last three holes to shoot 65 and win by one stroke over Patton Kizzire. It was Steele's second win since he won the Texas Open in his rookie year and then went winless for 141 starts.In doing so, Steele overcame the negative memory of his collapse in this tournament last year. He had led it starting the … [Read more...]

Is Donald Trump Hurting the U.S.G.A.?

Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, is scheduled to host the U.S. Women's Open golf championship next summer, on July 13-16. This premier event in women's golf is produced by the United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.). And this exclusive, private golf facility is owned and operated by The Trump Organization. Since one week ago--when The Washington Post released a 2005 audio-video that was shown on television that day in which Donald Trump made provocative comments about his … [Read more...]

Women Will Send Trump to the Dump

Women are going to come out of the woodwork for this presidential election and send the Trumpster to the Dumpster. That's exactly where he belongs. Instead of strutting his stuff in his many elite, affluent, Trump National golf clubs, he should be swinging his golf club and thumping his golf ball into tin cans in the dump.It's because, in the second televised debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton on Sunday night, Donald Trump denied that he had … [Read more...]