I Am Not a Heretic

I am accused of being a heretic because I believed in the doctrine of the Trinity for twenty-two years and then changed to believing that the Bible teaches there is only one God, numerically speaking, whom Jesus called “Father,” and therefore Jesus is Savior and Lord but not God. I have believed this ever since, for the past thirty-five years. But I am not a heretic. To call me a heretic because of this change in my theology is a misunderstanding of what a heretic is according to the Bib … [Read more...]

Jim Furyk Shoots 58

Jim Furyk--the balding, 46-year old pro golfer with seventeen PGA Tour wins, one of them being the 2003 U.S. Open, who owns such a loopdy-loop golf swing that you wouldn't wish on your mother-in-law and prefer it only over that combination dipsy-doodle plus mid-course hesitation swipe-at-the-ball monstrosity that belongs to a fella with a Big Mouth named Chas. Barkley--shot a blistering, PGA Tour record 58 yesterday in the last round of the Travelers Championship held at the TPC River Highlands … [Read more...]

World Vision in Gaza Is Under Investigation

I've been a financial contributor to World Vision for many years. It is a large, premier, Christian, humanitarian aid organization. World Vision says it currently is aiding about 40,000 Palestinian children in both Gaza and the West Bank besides helped in establishing needed basics such as digging water wells, building greenhouses and such. That is a serious aid program. Yesterday, World Vision in Gaza became suspect.Shin Bet is the intelligence-security agency of Israel, much like the CIA … [Read more...]

Why Did Nike Dump Golf?

Nike, Inc., announced today that it is abandoning its making and selling of golf equipment. That is a major financial decision because there is a lot of infrastructure required in order to make golf clubs and especially golf balls. Nike, named after the Greek "goddess of victory," apparently hasn't been scoring many victories lately at the cash register with sales from its golf equipment. I wonder why.First and foremost is that golf is losing ground, to make a pun. Golf real estate is … [Read more...]

Does the Bible Err By Saying Philistines Predate Israelites in the Levant

For the past two weeks, I have been blogging occasionally about the amazing discovery of a 3,000-year old Philistine cemetery at Ashkelon, Israel, which was announced on July 10th. It is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries ever in the Levant. The Old Testament has much historical record about the Philistines being the arch rival of the ancient Israelites. The Philistines lived on the coastal plain, adjacent to the Israelites who lived predominantly in the Judean hill country and … [Read more...]

On Who Jesus Is, Do You Listen to Jesus or Church Fathers?

There is a difference. I'm referring to post-apostolic, institutional, Catholic church fathers of the 2nd through at least the 5th centuries. I'm mean their extant writings and their creeds drafted at their so-called "ecumenical councils." At their first one, the Nicene Council of 325, they drafted the Nicene Creed signed by over 300 bishops that says Jesus is "very God of very God." They meant he is just as divine as the God whom Jesus called "Father," namely, the God of creation. But that is … [Read more...]

Professor Wayne Grudem Endorses Donald Trump for U.S. President

I have posted several times during the past year about my objection to Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America. At first, the very idea seemed like a joke to me. The only thing I have liked about this most unordinary presidential election campaign in my lifetime has been the many cartoons created about the Trumpster. In my early posts about him, I predicted he would not last. But like many other usually sane minds who have prognosticated about this Republican presidential … [Read more...]

Jimmy Walker Wins His First Major Golf Championship

Yesterday, Jimmy Walker--a slender, 6 foot 2 inch, 37-year old, Baylor graduate, and bearded native Texan--won his first major, the PGA Championship. It was the last of the four majors this year and was held at the famed Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey. To do so, Jimmy defeated defending champion and #1 world player Jason Day by one stroke. He then lifted the 37-pound, crystal, Wanamaker trophy at the end of a grueling and tense day of golf.The tournament had been plagued with … [Read more...]