Pope Francis Visits Egypt

Tomorrow, Pope Francis will meet in Cairo, Egypt, with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb. The sheikh is the grand imam of Al Azhar mosque, which is affiliated with Al-Azhar University in Cairo. It is the most revered center of learning in Sunni Islam.The pope has multiple purposes for this visit. First, he will speak on encouraging the Christians in Egypt. They suffer persecution there, mostly from Islamic Jihadists. For example, on Easter, Islamic radicals … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Preexist as “the Angel of the LORD”?

The most mysterious and enigmatic figure in the Old Testament (OT) is “the angel of the LORD.” This expression occurs 56 times in the OT, and “the angel of God” occurs 10 times therein. This angel of the LORD appeared to Abraham, Hagar, Isaac, Jacob, Manoah and his wife, Moses, Joshua, and many others.There has never been any consensus in Judaism about the identity of "the angel of the LORD/God" in the OT. The three eminent rabbinic Bible commentators in medieval times interpreted it as the “ … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Preexist?

The post-apostolic, institutional church has always proclaimed that Jesus preexisted in heaven. And it has concluded that his preexistence indicates that Jesus was and is God. Yet Judaism has allowed for the conception of certain men, such as Elijah or Moses, as having preexisted without being God. And many Christian scholars have admitted that a human being conceived as preexisting does not necessitate deity.In modern times, the idea that Jesus preexisted has been seriously challenged. One … [Read more...]

Israel Is Causing Some of the World’s Growing Anti-Semitism

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. In Israel, everything stopped for two minutes while Israelis remembered, if not prayed about, the horrible slaughter of six million Jews by Adolf Hitler's German Nazis in WWII. Humans must never forget so that perhaps it will never happen again.Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decried the rise of anti-Semitism in recent years worldwide by saying, "Hypocrisy is screaming to the sky," claiming "the world's indifference" to this rise of … [Read more...]

Is the Son of Man in Daniel 7.13 a Divine Being?

Jesus’ favorite title he applied to himself was “the Son of Man.” The New Testament (NT) gospels relate that Jesus identified himself as "the Son of Man" on about 39 occasions, and it was only him who did so. The occasion on which Jesus most clearly identified himself as the Son of Man was when he healed a man who had been blind from birth (John 9.1-12). Jesus later asked him, “‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’ He answered and said, ‘And who is He, Lord, that I may believe in Him?’ Jesus said t … [Read more...]

Terrorism Can Affect an Election

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article entitled "The Terrorism Effect: How an Attack Can Alter an Election." It confirms a post I made some time ago in which I showed that militant Palestinians who carry out terrorist attacks on Israel or its Jewish citizens often do it to their own peril by causing Israeli voters to elect right-wing Likud party members who are tougher on terrorism and Palestinians, such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rather than other politicians who are more … [Read more...]

Did James Comey Affect the Election?

I posted a lot about the U.S. presidential campaign last year and then the election. But since then, I have tried to avoid posting about politics. I was shocked when FBI director James Comey announced last month that, back in the Fall of 2015, the FBI began to suspect that the Russians had been trying to influence our presidential election in order to help get Trump elected. Then Comey admitted that last summer, the FBI started an investigation into whether or not Trump campaign associates had … [Read more...]

Jesus’ “I Am” Sayings in John 8

The following is an excerpt from my book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ (RJC), with scripture quotations from the New American Standard Bible:Jesus’ “I Am” Sayings with a PredicateAs mentioned earlier [in RJC], there are several other “I am” (Gr. ego eimi) sayings of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel that have a predicate nominative, and some of these allude to Old Testament, messianic prophecies. If any of these predicates that Jesus applies to Himself are also applied to God in the Bible,[1] … [Read more...]