Former Atheist Mark Zuckerberg Gets Religion and Philanthropy

  The growth of Facebook has been phenomenal. The graph showing its stock price over the past several years is the most steadily climbing graph line I think I’ve ever seen for a stock. This year, Facebook’s stock price is up 40%, which is 4x the S&P 500. In the past five years, Facebook’s stock price has escalated 670%. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook. In 2004, he dropped out of the elite Harvard University to start the… Read more

Colin Powell Should Have Been President for a Time Like This

As most Americans know, North Korea has launched several ballistic missiles this year as tests indicating progression toward their stated goal of possessing nuclear ICBMs that can reach the U.S. mainland thousands of miles away. Only days ago, North Korea fired its first missile that U.S. intelligence said was capable of reaching the U.S. mainland and that they now have the capability of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead to fit on such a missile. The time has now arrived that the… Read more

New Plan for Golf’s Major Championships

The 99th PGA Championship began today at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the year, it is always the third of the four major championships in golf. Much attention will be on young superstar Jordan Spieth. Having just turned 24 years of age, he will be trying to win it to become the youngest player ever to win all four major championships in a career, called a Career Grand Slam. He got off to rocky start today… Read more

The Report about Present-Day Lebanese Being 93% Canaanite

On August 4th, I posted that the day prior some geneticists revealed in their report that they had discovered from their extensive DNA testing that present-day Lebanese people are descended mostly from the ancient Canaanites mentioned in the Bible. Marc Haber admits that this genetic match is surprisingly high to him: present-day Lebanese are 93% Canaanite. Marc Haber and Chris Tyler-Smith are the lead authors (with 14 other contributing geneticists) of the report in the American Journal of Human Genetics that… Read more

Mahmoud Abbas Says Palestinians Are Philistines

  Mahmoud Abbas is president of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The PA governs Palestinians living in the West Bank, whereas Hamas governs Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. In May last year, President Abbas gave a speech in which he claimed Palestinians have descended mostly from the ancient Philistines. He added that the Bible says Philistines lived in the Levant before Abraham arrived there. According to the Bible, Abraham–who lived four millennia ago–is the father of the Hebrew-Jewish people. President… Read more

Trump Is Trying to End the Russia Probe by Dividing America

President Donald Trump gave a public speech at a campaign rally in Huntington, West Virginia, last Thursday. In this speech, he made his oft-repeated allegation that the Justice Department’s Russian investigation, now directed by special counsel Robert Mueller, is a “witch hunt” and a “hoax.” If there is no such guilt by Trump or his surrogates that he knows about, he would remain silent and even assist Mueller rather than resist him. So, this is not the behavior of an… Read more

Palestinians May Be Philistines Since Lebanese DNA Is 93% Canaanite

A week ago, the July 27th issue of National Geographic magazine reported a discovery indicating that 93% of the DNA of living Lebanese people is descended from ancient Canaanites who lived in 1700 BC in the ancient city of Sidon. Sidon exists today on the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon. These recently-discovered Canaanite skeletons were preserved in large, clay jars. Archaeologists have discovered Canaanite skeletons within the past several years, but they could not obtain uncorrupted DNA from them. This time… Read more

The Biblical Jesus Versus the Christianized Christ

During the nineteenth century, leading German theologians began an in-depth study called “the quest for the historical Jesus.” They distinguished between what they called “the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith.” By this expression they meant there exists a disparity between these two concepts. By the phrase, “Jesus of history,” they meant Jesus of Nazareth who can be examined from such documents as the New Testament gospels in accordance with certain criterion that historians establish for determining historical… Read more

Did Haddon Robinson “Go Home to God”?

Dr. Haddon W. Robinson died eleven days ago, on July 22, at 86 years of age. He was known as an accomplished preacher. But throughout his career, he mostly taught the craft of preaching to young men in seminary who aspired to be preachers as well. There are many preachers today, worldwide, whom Dr. Robinson taught how to preach. I knew Dr. Robinson, though not well, many years ago. It was during the early part of his career when he… Read more

A Witch Hunt?

President Donald Trump keeps calling the Justice Department’s Russian probe investigation, now led by special counsel Robert Mueller, “a hoax” and “a witch hunt.” He can’t leave it alone. Constantly doing this can only mean one thing–Donald Trump is trying to get this investigation stopped because there is some serious dirt on him that, if made public, could put him in a mess of trouble leading to impeachment and who knows what else. It is the only conclusion that makes… Read more

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