Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?

U.S. President Barak Obama refuses to use the term "radical Muslims" in identifying those people who call themselves "Muslim" and are members of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (=ISIL/ ISIS). Now he is getting pummeled for this refusal by Republican politicians, especially the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, for the U.S. presidential election this fall.This week, President Obama again defended his refusal to use the term "radical Muslims" by saying these … [Read more...]

Which Is It: Crooked Hilary or Chump Trump?

Now that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured the position of presumed nominee of their political parties for the U.S. presidential election in November, they are turning to speaking out against each other. Donald Trump is repeatedly referring to the past First Lady, Secretary of State, and now the first woman to win an election by either party in our two-party political system for U. S. president, as "Crooked Hilary." So far, it's mostly because of her inadvertent "mistake," which she … [Read more...]

Is the Beginning of Christianity the Trinity?

Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer (1912-1984) was an American Evangelical theologian and Presbyterian pastor most known for establishing L'Abri Fellowship in Huémoz-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. He and his wife Edith began this ministry by taking young people into their home and personally discipling them about how to live a Christian life and have a positive effect on the world in doing so. Both Francis and Edith were authors of Christian books. Francis' most successful book is entitled, How Should We Then … [Read more...]

How Orthodox Judaism Has Viewed the State of Israel and a Future Temple

Jews lived in their "land of Israel" for nearly 1,500 years until the Romans ousted them following The Second Jewish Revolt of 132-135 CE. The Romans then forbade Jews to live in Jerusalem on pain of death, changed its name to the pagan name Aleia Capitolina, and made it very difficult for Jews to live in the land of Israel anymore. So, Jews dispersed into the Gentile nations, mostly in the Middle East and Europe, just as Moses had predicted (e.g., Deut 4.27; 28.63-64; 30.17-18). Thus began the … [Read more...]

Is Donald Trump Hurting the PGA Tour?

If he is, it look like the Tour is fighting back.Doral was always one of my favorites tournaments on the regular PGA Tour. I've blogged about this before. It was at Doral Resort and Country Club, in Miami, Florida, where I had my first good chance to win a PGA Tour tournament. It was in 1966, my second year on Tour. I led wire-to-wire until I three-putted the 71st hole to go one stroke behind. On the toughest finishing hole on the American pro golf tour then and ever since to the … [Read more...]

Trump Still the Same

Wake up, America. A lot of political pundits and Trump voters have been saying that when Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president, he would tone down his rhetoric to become more appealing to the broader voting public. Not so! Donald Trump is still the same, still being his old vitriolic self.Yesterday at a press conference, he said to an ABC reporter, "You're a real sleaze." And he spoke sarcastically to a CNN reporter, saying, "You're a real beauty." The … [Read more...]

Spieth Wins at Colonial

Today, twenty-two year old phenom Jordan Spieth won his eighth PGA Tour tournament--the DEAN & DELUCA Invitational at Colonial Country Club in Forth Worth, Texas. That's where the great Ben Hogan used to hang out. Spieth's childhood home is in nearby Dallas. He had finished second in three PGA Tour tournaments in Texas, but never won one. This victory also put him ahead of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods who won seven PGA Tour tournaments before they turned twenty-three, which was the modern … [Read more...]

Tom Wright’s Faulty Eschatology

I like N. T. (Tom) Wright, whom I know personally. He is one of, if not the, leading New Testament scholars in the world. He also was a bishop in his Anglican church, which makes for a rare combination. Besides all that, Tom is a captivating and humorous public speaker and a very prolific author. For example, his six-volume series, Christian Origins and the Question of God, is half finished with three volumes published, and they average nearly a thousand pages each in rather small print.Tom … [Read more...]