Does President Obama Read the Qu’ran?

The U.S. White House arranged an international summit that was held this week in Washington, D.C., to address Islamic terrorism around the world. President Obama spoke at it. But as always, he refrained from using the expression "Islamic terrorism." The reason is that he does not think such terrorists are genuine Muslims. I don't agree with him about refusing to use that expression, but I do sympathize somewhat with him about this subject. There have been many misdeeds committed by professing … [Read more...]

Must Christians Forgive Others Unconditionally?

I wrote a post on May 10, 2013 entitled "Is Unconditional Love a Biblical Concept?" Now I will post about unconditional forgiveness. We live in an era in which so many authorities in various disciplines claim that unconditional love, and thus unconditional forgiveness, is the proper way to live. In that post, I said that this concept was originated by Darwinian psychiatrists and others who were opposed to Christianity.Moreover, many Christians in the USA, if not most of them, are taught in … [Read more...]

Review of Bart Ehrman’s Book, How Jesus Became God–Part 2 of 3

(All scriptures are from the NRSV unless otherwise noted.)The foundation of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus; without it, there never would have been any Christianity. Many historians have made this claim. Dr. Bart Ehrman believes it and so do I. He says (p. 174), “This is how Christianity started. If no one had thought Jesus had been raised, he would have been lost in the midst of Jewish antiquity and would be known today only as another failed Jewish prophet.”But as I stated in … [Read more...]

My Next New Book Will Be About Spirit Baptism

I would have never thought I would write a book about Spirit baptism. My next book about this is finished and has been accepted for publication by Wipf and Stock Publishers. They are a print-on-demand house that specializes in publishing and reprinting theological books. They are only about twenty years old, yet they now have the largest booth each year at the Book Exhibit Hall of the combined Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and the American Academy of Religion (AAR). … [Read more...]

Who Were “the Sons of God” in Genesis 6?

Who were “the sons of God” in Gen 6.2 and v. 4? This expression occurs occasionally in the Bible, and it doesn’t always refer to the same type of beings. Sometimes, “the sons of God” refer to the mortal people of God (Mt 5.9; Rom 8.14; Gal 3.26). Twice, this expression refers to the future, resurrected, and thus immortal people of God (Lk 20.36; Rom 8.19). And “sons of God” can refer to angels (Job 1.6; 2.1; 38.7).There have been three primary interpretations of “the sons of God” in Gen 6.2 a … [Read more...]

Charlie Sifford and Billy Casper Have Passed Away

During this past week, two outstanding professional golfers with the PGA Tour died. Charlie Sifford died at 92 years of age, and Billy Casper died at 83. Sifford won only two regular PGA Tour tournaments; but he was outstanding in that, like Jackie Robinson in baseball, he broke the so-called "color barrier" in professional golf and thereby paved the way for African-American pro golfers such as Lee Elder, Calvin Peete, and Tiger Woods to compete on the PGA Tour. And Billy Casper was outstanding … [Read more...]

Paul Echoed Jesus on the Resurrection of the Saints

One of the best stories in the New Testament gospels is about Jesus raising his friend Lazarus from the dead to mortal life again. Lazarus had two sister--Mary and Martha--and they all lived in Bethany, two miles from Jerusalem. They all must have been very close friends of Jesus because during Passion Week, Jesus stayed in Bethany and commuted back and forth between there and the temple in Jerusalem. Although we cannot know for sure, he may have slept each night at Lazarus' house.Jesus and … [Read more...]

Oral Tradition: How We Got the Synoptic Gospels

In the beginning of my Christian life, like most Christians I was taught that the Apostle Matthew (Levi) wrote the Gospel of Matthew, "John, who also was called Mark" (Acts 12.25), wrote the Gospel of Mark, Luke wrote the Gospel of Luke (Colossians 4.14; 2 Timothy 4.11), and the Apostle John wrote the Gospel of John. Yet none of these four gospels reveal the name of their authors. Why? Perhaps it is because, in the case of the first three gospels at least, they were recording what was mostly … [Read more...]