Is President Donald Trump a White Supremacist?

That is what The New York Times op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow, a black man, asked in his column on September 18th. He questioned it partly in response to ESPN host Jemele Hill saying on September 11th, “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” Blow provides evidence from Trump’s actions and words relating to this subject, and then Mr. Blow answers his own question as follows: “It is clear that Trump is… Read more

Black Church Pastor Affirms NFL Players Kneeling During National Anthem

Last year, San Francisco 49er quarterback in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick, kneeled during the singing of the National Anthem right before a nationally televised game as a form of silent demonstration calling the nation to attention regarding race relations. It was a controversial move. Many football fans objected, thinking it was unpatriotic. So did President Trump. One week ago today, President Donald Trump spoke at a political rally in Huntsville, Alabama, in which he highly criticized NFL players for kneeling… Read more

The King of Fake News Dies at Age 38

Fake news pioneer, Paul Horner, died at 38 years of age nine days ago on September 18th of what may have been an overdose of narcotics. He lived here in the valley–in Phoenix–where I live. The Arizona Republic reported today, “For at least six years, Horner sprayed the Internet with intentionally false stories designed to inflame readers. Those stories often went viral on Facebook, allowing him to misinform tens or hundreds of thousands of people–including eventual voters–from his Phoenix apartment.” Horner… Read more

Mother Teresa Says to Trump–“Guess I’m a Proud Bitch”

Colin Kaepernick is the former San Francisco 49ers football quarterback who received national attention last year when he kneeled before the 49ers nationally televised football game while the national anthem was being played. He did it as a silent protest to recent incidents in the U.S. of police brutality and unjust treatment of minorities, some even resulting in killing of blacks. Colin is black, but he doesn’t look like it much. Colin Kaepernick is an adopted child by his white… Read more

The Athletes Are Right And Trump Is Not–This Is About Racism

The dustup the past week between President Donald Trump and American pro athletes–especially NFL players and NBA players LeBron James and Stephen Curry–hits home for me since I was a PGA Tour pro golfer full-time for thirty years. Yeah, we never had many blacks on the Tour. But then Tiger Woods came along. Yet we used to have mostly black caddies. I stand with these athletes on this issue. They are right and Trump is wrong. As I said in… Read more

Palestinian Elections Are Planned

The October 2 issue of Time magazine has the following article by Jared Malsin entitled “Hamas takes a step away from isolation”: “The Islamist group Hamas agreed on Sept. 16 to elections in Gaza and the West Bank, raising the prospect of Palestinian reconciliation after 10 years of squabbling and violence. “The two Palestinian factions, Hamas and its secular rival Fatah, have been at odds since a 2007 civil war that left the Gaza Strip under Hamas control and the… Read more

Donald Trump Is a Narcissistic White Supremacist Dividing America

President Trump appealed to his political base last week in Alabama–a southern state with a very racist past due to slavery–when he criticized NFL and NBA black, pro athletes who have demonstrated against police brutality or just spoken out that they don’t like him. This weekend, he caught hell for it from the NFL–both the commissioner, some owners, and most of the players. The NFL players are 75% black. NFL players demonstrated at televised games yesterday against President Trump’s comments… Read more

“Lock Him Up”

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is not a government employee and doesn’t have a position in the federal government. Yet he has been conducting foreign government business under the direction of the President while using a private email server. That is the same thing Hilary Clinton did as Secretary of State. The FBI investigated it last year and declared that she committed no crime. But that isn’t good enough for President Trump. He has called for the Department… Read more

LeBron James Is Right About Donald Trump

It’s old news now. NFL football player Colin Kaepernickhad kneeled at a game last year, when the national anthem was played, as a protest to police brutality against blacks and maybe other minorities in the USA. There had been some recent police incidents that caused him to do so. Also, NBA superstar Stephen Curry announced recently that he didn’t want to attend with his Golden State Warriors the invitation to the White House because he doesn’t like President Donald Trump…. Read more

Xander Schauffele Wins TOUR Championship

Xander shot 68 to defeat hard-charging Justin Thomas. Thomas entered the week in second place in the FedEx Cup Playoff standings, with his friend Jordan Spieth in first place. So, Thomas’ second place finish in the TOUR Championship today made him the FedEx Cup Playoffs winner, pocketing a cool $10 million. Thomas probably will win Player of the Year title due his five PGA Tour wins this year, which includes the PGA Championship, which is a major. Xander Schauffele has… Read more

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