July 25, 2018

Apparently, when no one’s lookin’. Suzann Pettersen, a fifteen-time winner on the LPGA Tour, says of Trump at golf, “he cheats like hell.” She knows. She has played a lot of golf with Donald Trump. Pettersen adds, “I’m pretty sure he pays his caddie well, since no matter how far into the woods he hits the ball, it’s in the middle of the fairway when we get there.” She says he used to claim to have a 3 handicap, which… Read more

July 23, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump likes to talk about dead people being alive in heaven and looking down at us. Oftentimes, he says they are looking down at his presidency and smiling, indicating they are happy about it. Oh my goodness! That’s a sure-fire way to trick the spiritually naive into believing in Trump and his political policies. The Arizona Republic columnist Dana Milbank writes about this subject today in his piece entitled, “Trump communes regularly with the dead.” He relates:… Read more

July 22, 2018

Today, consistent Francesco Molinari won his first major golf championship in winning the British Open at Carnoustie, Scotland, by two strokes at 8 under par for a 276 total. He took the lead at the end by parring almost all day long and finishing with a 2-under par 69. Four players finished tied for second: Xander Schaufele, Rory McIlroy, Kevin Kisner, and Justin Rose. Tiger Woods thrilled the crowds momentarily when he took the lead starting the back nine. But… Read more

July 22, 2018

U. S. President Donald Trump says he’s “a stable genius” in response to questions about his psychological well being. I beg to differ. He is a classic narcissist and thus a psychologically sick man. This really gets him in trouble as president of the leading nation of the free world. He claims he is going to Make American First; but in reality, I think he is trying to make Donald Trump First. This scenario was played out loud and clear… Read more

July 21, 2018

Yesterday, a journalist said President Donald Trump’s “personal lawyer” Michael Cohen taped Trump shortly before the presidential election about buying a “catch and kill” NDA that AMI–the parent company of the National Enquirer magazine–had with Karen McDougal that silenced her about her alleged nine-month sexual affair with Trump starting in 2006. This NDA had been signed several months before the election.CEO of the National Enquirer was a long-time friend of Trump. The journalist claims the relevant conversation between Trump and… Read more

July 21, 2018

Jorden Spieth, Xander Schauffele, and Kevin Kisner finished the third round of the British Open at Carnoustie in Scotland tied for the lead at nine under par 204 total. Defending champ Spieth shot 65 today, which seemed like a replay of Saturday last year. Kisner will again lead a major going into the final round as he did last year in the PGA Championship. And Schauffele birdied his way at the end to get to the top. Spieth, at only… Read more

July 19, 2018

President Donald Trump just spoke saying if the U.S. government conducts “confrontation” with Russia, it could lead to “war.” That comment implies that he as our president should not confront Russian President Vladimir Putin–with whom he just has a private, two-hour meeting in Helsinki Sunday–about Russian meddling in our 2016 presidential election which our intelligence agencies claim. That should further worry Americans about whether or not President Trump is really protecting our nation. In his press conference with Putin Monday,… Read more

July 18, 2018

Beck Dorey-Stein resigned recently from her stenographer post in the White House of recording what the president says. She held this job during the Obama administration and so far in the Trump administration. She said the president has reduced the job, now preventing stenographers from being present in the room wherein he holds some meetings for interview that sometimes include journalists. She also said the reason she resigned was that she had always been proud of doing her job and… Read more

July 18, 2018

I know, the U.S. Constitution has a specific definition of what treason is, that it can only be done during war. However, our forefathers who wrote that Constitution could not have foreseen the technology of our times, that there are electronics and an internet that makes possible what is now called “cyber warfare.” In this light, U.S. President Donald Trump is constantly and increasingly doing and saying things that make him look like a traitor. Our national intelligence agencies have… Read more

July 16, 2018

Before answering this question, we need to decide if the New Testament gospel accounts about Jesus doing miracles are historically trustworthy. That, of course, is a different issue from whether or not Jesus actually performed such miracles. Historians who are authorities in judging the reliability of purported historical events in ancient documents devise a criterion for so judging. Historical-critical scholars of the New Testament gospels adopt this procedure. Their most prominent criterion is called “multiple attestation.” This means that the… Read more

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