January 6, 2019

Republican President Donald Trump is in a battle with Democrats about constructing a physical barrier along the nearly 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigration. After two years of the Republicans having a majority in both branches of Congress during Trump’s presidency, the Democrats now have a distinct majority in the House of Representatives by virtue of winning the mid-term elections last November. This further empowers Democrats to oppose Trump’s proposal to build such a barrier. Thus, our government is… Read more

January 5, 2019

The day after President Donald Trump fired his FBI Director James Comey, on May 10, 2017–only four months into Donald Trump’s presidency–I blogged (“The Black House Is Turning Me into a Democrat”) concerning the FBI investigation into Trump possibly colluding with the Russians to win the presidency, “If this story has legs, Congress could tell Mr. Donald Trump, ‘You’re fired’ [meaning impeach him]. But there is another alternative. I’m going to make a prediction: Donald Trump will resign the U.S…. Read more

January 4, 2019

Dr. Larry W. Hurtado is Professor Emeritus of New Testament Language, Literature, and Theology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. I know Larry. He was the lecturer in the 8th annual, two-day Kermit Zarley Lectures at North Park University in Chicago in 2008. Larry Hurtado has specialized in writing books about early Christian worship of Jesus. He regards it as prime evidence that Jesus was God (high christology). Larry… Read more

December 30, 2018

My friend Barbara Buzzard–wife of my friend Sir Anthony Buzzard, professor emeritus at Atlanta Bible College–has written an interesting article, “The Seeds of Deception,” in this month’s newsletter “Focus on the Kingdom,” of which Anthony is the editor. She writes mostly about Dr. M. Scott Peck’s second book, People of the Lie (1983). (I’ll dispense with the lengthy subtitles of his books to keep this short.) Barbara obviously decided, and rightly so, that talk about this book is appropriate for our… Read more

December 27, 2018

In 2016, I posted during the presidential campaign, “Was Donald Trump a Draft Dodger?” Yesterday, The New York Times reported strong testimony that he indeed was. Two daughters of Dr. Larry Braunstein–Trump’s supposed podiatrist who died in 2007–claim their father often told people that he did a “favor” for Fred Trump, the landlord of his medical practice. The daughters, Dr. Elysa Braunstein and Sharon Kessel, say their father certified medically that Trump’s son, Donald, had a “bone spur” on his… Read more

December 23, 2018

President Donald Trump just upset his own political party, several U.S. allies, and much of the world on Friday by abruptly announcing on Twitter with a mere tweet, as is often his practice, that he will pull the total 2,000 U.S. troops out of Syria within thirty days and reduce to half the 14,000 troops in Afghanistan. This U.S. presence has been mostly for the purpose of hindering extremist Islamic terrorism which threatens the U.S. and many nations. But the… Read more

December 16, 2018

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the American pro golf tour’s split from the PGA of America. It was a controversial revolt, and I was a part of its leadership. But history has proved without a doubt that it was the right thing to do. I started the PGA Tour in the spring of 1964 after graduating from college and doing six-months of active duty in the U.S. Army. In those days, there was no qualifying school. You just… Read more

December 16, 2018

The father-son duo of Davis Love III and Dru Love came from three strokes back today to win by three strokes the best ball PNC Father-Son Challenge at Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. In this 36-hole, fun event, they shot a whopping 16-under par 56 today to break the tournament course record by three strokes. Three teams tied for second: father Retief Goosen and son Leo Goosen, father Stewart Cink and son Connor Cink, and father John Daly and… Read more

December 10, 2018

In my last blog post (“Joy and Peace at Christmas”), I ended it by saying provocatively, “My next blog post, I’ll tell WHEN Jesus ‘will come’ back . . . . But really, I’ve already told when in this post. Can you figure out this riddle and what it means?” In the previous paragraph, I quoted from the Apostle Peter’s famous speech on the Day of Pentecost in which he quoted Ps 110.1. It says, “The Lord said to my… Read more

December 9, 2018

Isn’t it amazing how Christmas is a day like no other–with so much joy, peace, and the spirit of giving? And that is what was so unique about Jesus. He is the one who Christmas is supposed to be about. It’s because the early Jewish Christians believed he was the promised Messiah, viz., the Christ, who came to bless Israel and even the whole world. The biblical tradition about Jesus’ birth even emphasizes joy and peace. We read in the… Read more

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