June 14, 2021

Dr. Scot McKnight is a New Testament professor at Northern Seminary near Chicago. He has been one of my closest friends for nearly 29 years. Scot is intellectual, gregarious, witty, and has authored perhaps a hundred books. Scot McKnight is also a lifetime evangelical who knows many, American, evangelical leaders, especially those in the academy. Today, he pens the following, needed, and sobering critique of American evangelicalism in his “Scot’s Newsletter” at scotmcknight@substack.com: The Unmasking of Evangelicalism Scot McKnight Jun… Read more

June 8, 2021

The two richest men in the world–Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of Tesla–are both on a mission to conquer space. Jeff Bezos announced today that he and his brother Mark will fly next month into space in the first space flight for Blue Origin, a rocket company founded and owned by Jeff. And Musk announced last December that he will fly to Mars, and he predicted the first SpaceX flight to Mars will occur by 2026. In 2002,… Read more

June 3, 2021

My book, Warrior from Heaven, has an image of Jesus on a throne and riding on bright-shining clouds that are shaped like a cross. When I wrote this book, I hired a New York graphics artist to draw this image that I had sketched out. It’s one of my most favorite outcomes of my literary career. It is based on what Jesus said in his Olivet Discourse. During Passion Week, Jesus and his disciples were on the Mount of Olives… Read more

June 1, 2021

  Foster Friess died last Thursday here in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I live. He was 81 years old. He had been undergoing treatments here at the Mayo Clinic for a blood and bone marrow cancer. The gregarious Foster Friess will be greatly missed by friends. With a name like that, how could you not like Foster Friess. His name always reminded me of when I was growing up in Seattle, my family sometimes would go have an evening treat after… Read more

June 1, 2021

  The Virginia Theological Seminary–an Episcopal Church institution located about 20 miles south of Washington D.C.–has announced a reparations program to pay descendants of hundreds of Black people who were either forced without pay or paid very inadequately, from 1823 to 1951, to build and run this seminary as construction workers, gardeners, cooks, dishwashers, janitors, and laundry workers. Payments will extend to perhaps hundreds of their descendants as genealogists pour through records to determine who is qualified for what will… Read more

May 31, 2021

  China is doing what the Bible says by allowing more and more children per family. For, the Bible says that when “God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1.1 NRSV), he afterwards declared to the first humans, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it” (vv. 26-27). That means populate the earth with humans. Demographers claim that for a nation to just maintain its same number of people year after year, couples must have an… Read more

May 30, 2021

I posted Thursday that a court in The Netherlands (=Holland) this week ordered its largest corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, to “reduce [carbon] emissions resulting from its products sold in the Netherlands by 45% by the year 2030 compared to 2019 levels.” It was the first time in the world that a court ordered a corporation to reduce emissions resulting from its burning of fossil fuels. But it was especially significant that it was a leading corporation in the oil and… Read more

May 29, 2021

Republican senators successfully voted yesterday to block the creation of an independent, bipartisan commission–similar to the 9/11 commission–to investigate the Capitol riot that occurred on January 6th. In my opinion, that is a travesty against our democratic form of government. Indeed, the House impeached former President Trump for causing that “insurrection.” And this negative vote was done yesterday despite the majority of American voters calling for such an investigation. It’s because there is so much disinformation going on and lingering… Read more

May 28, 2021

I’ve said it before, since Trump became President. (See some previous posts, “The Republican Party’s Reputation Is Shot to Hell” [April 23, 2019]; “Republicans–Three Strikes and You’re Out” [October 4, 2019]. And I’m saying it even more strongly now. Yesterday, Senate Republicans successfully voted to block the establishment of a commission panel to investigate the Capitol riot January 6th. That is such a shame. It is a dereliction of duty. Even though this nation has become so politically bipartisan,  a… Read more

May 28, 2021

For the past seventy years or more, many Israeli Jews and some Christians, especially evangelicals and Pentecostals, have argued that Palestinians should not be entitled to their own state in the holy land because they rejected the two-state solution offered to them and Jews by the UN Security Council way back in 1947, thus before Israel became a state again. And these people have argued likewise concerning the solution that President Clinton put forward, called Clinton Parameters, which PLO chief… Read more

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