Egypt–Forfeit the North Sinai to Create a Palestinian State

Thursday, a masked gunman representing an Islamic terrorist group in the North Sinai that is affiliated with ISIS walked up to 46-year old Rafael Moussa, a Coptic Orthodox Church priest, and shot him dead as he was standing near the Coptic St. George Church in El Arish, the capital city of North Sinai, which is part of the large Sinai Peninsula, a mostly wilderness that belongs to Egypt. An ISIS message was soon posted on the Internet describing Moussa as a "disbelieving combatant."For about … [Read more...]

Why Does Paul Tell Women to Cover their Hair “Because of the Angels”?

(Scripture quotations are from the NRSV unless otherwise noted.)The Apostle Paul provides more instruction in his extensive First Epistle to the Corinthians about how Christians should conduct their church meetings than anywhere else to be found in the New Testament. His marker that designates church gatherings in this epistle is the expression, “when you come together (as a church).” This phrase appears five times in one chapter alone (1 Cor 11.17-18, 20, 33-34; also 14.26).In fact, Fir … [Read more...]

Was Donald Trump a Draft Dodger?

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for U. S. president, says if president he will strengthen our military, aid our veterans, and be really tough on ISIS. So, Trump is campaigning as a friend of the military, sometimes giving speeches to veteran gatherings.During this political campaign last summer, Donald Trump made a disparaging remark about longtime-serving Republican Senator of Arizona, John McCain, a decorated navy captain and pilot who served in the Vietnam War. His plane … [Read more...]

Radical Islamists–“Discredit their Ideology”

Recently retired Army Lt. General Michael T. Flynn has been advising Republican candidates for the U.S. presidency this year, including the now Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump. He served in the Army for 33 years, mostly as an intelligence officer. His last post was as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. It is like the CIA to the Defense Department. He was somewhat critical of the President Obama administration, such as the president's refusal to properly identify our Islamic … [Read more...]

The Panama Canal Just Got a Lot Bigger

The American Society of Civil Engineers designates the Panama Canal as "one of the seven wonders of the modern world." Located in the western hemisphere in Central America, it greatly reduces the shipping route between East and West so that ships do not have to navigate the dangerous southern tip of South American--Cape Horn. More tonnage of goods is transported through the Panama Canal than any other canal in the world.So, as the world's most important waterway, the nearly fifty-mile Panama … [Read more...]

Is Donald Trump a Born Again Christian?

Today, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump--the presumptive Republican nominee for the U.S. presidency in this November's presidential election--has reportedly become a born again Christian recently. Michael Antony, a church pastor in Pennsylvania, claimed this in a post on his blog this week. He says he recorded an interview he had with evangelical Christian leader Dr. James Dobson, president of Focus on the Family. Dr. Dobson says of Donald Trump that he knows the "person who led him … [Read more...]

What Is Religious Conversion in Israel?

What is religious conversion? It depends on who you ask. It is different between the three monotheistic faiths--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Islam, you become a Muslim merely declaring yourself a member of the Islamic faith. In Christianity, there is no agreement on the subject.In Roman Catholicism, conversion involves first being water baptized, then receiving religious instruction called Catechism, and finally be confirmed by a priest in a ceremony called Confirmation to be a … [Read more...]

Dustin Johnson Finally Wins a Major

As I said in my post two days ago, Dustin Johnson has been knocking on the door many times in trying to win one of the four majors in pro golf. Today, he finally knocked the door down even though for a while, it looked like another bad break might sink his ship again.Dustin won the 2016 U.S. Open by three strokes, at four under par, on the tough Oakmont Country Club with the very slippery, fast greens and picturesque sand bunkers called Church Pews, all near Pittsburgh, PA.Little-known … [Read more...]