The Antichrist Will Claim to Be a God, not the God

Christians who believe that the Bible foretells an Antichrist in an endtimes think he will declare himself to be God. This belief is based largely upon the Apostle Paul's declaration about "the lawless one" in 2 Thessalonians 2.3. The next verse reads in the NRSV concerning this lawless one, "He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God" (v. 4). Paul refers to the temple at Jerusalem that … [Read more...]

Is God in Control?

When bad things happen, some Christians say, "God is in control." Are they right? Yes and no. It depends on how they apply it. If they mean God controls things in the individual lives of his people, they can be right about that. The Apostle Paul wrote, "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8.28). Yet God allows his people to disobey him, and he does not make them do that.If people say "God is in control" … [Read more...]

Zach Johnson Wins the 2015 British Open

Congratulations Zach Johnson. He won the British Open yesterday in a four-hole aggregate playoff against Marc Leishman and Louis Oosthuizen at the home of golf--the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland. It doesn't get any better than that for such a great finish. Thirty-nine year old Zach Johnson thus added this to his other major win--The Masters in 2007. Now Zach has won a total of 12 PGA Tour tournaments, with this British Open win included. He has certainly established himself as one of the … [Read more...]

Egypt–Give Up the Northern Sinai to the Palestinians!

Egypt's policy to contain the Northern Sinai Peninsula is not working. I think chaos in this region is going to continue and therefore become an even bigger headache for Egypt. Egypt will be better off if it initiates a deal with Israel and the Palestinians to forfeit the Northern Sinai--the region between the Gaza Strip and the Waid el Arish and several miles inland, probably to reach Beersheba and Kadesh-Barnea--in exchange for something that would benefit Egypt. Then let the Palestinians … [Read more...]

What Is Armageddon?

Jack Wellman is a patheos blogger, and the title of his blog is Christian Crier. Jack is also the pastor of Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane, Kansas, which belongs to an anabaptist Brethren denomination that reaches back 300 years into Germany and thus during tje Protestant Reformation when anabaptists suffered persecution from leading Reformers mostly for their stand against infant baptism.Today, Jack published a post entitled "Top Seven Verses about Armageddon" as part of his Top … [Read more...]

Increasing Division in Islamic Middle East and North Africa

I think the increasing division in the Islamic Middle East and North Africa is indicated in the Bible, and I am writing a book about it right now that will be Book 3 in my Still Here series on Bible prophecy. Something happened this week that will further divide this region politically as well as religiously due to its religious sects Islam: Sunni (85% of Islam) and Shiite (15% of Islam).The two most powerful countries in the Middle East are Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran's population is over … [Read more...]

British Open–Day 2–2015

Dustin Johnson leads the British Open after the incompleted second round of play on day 2, Friday. He and Jordan Spieth were paired together the first two rounds. Spieth is 5 under par, tied for 15th place. A rain delay earlier in the day caused play to have to suspended at darkness today. Johnson and Spieth were on the 13th hole. So, they will have to go out early tomorrow morning to finish their second round. It was the feature pairing since Spieth had won the U.S. Open weeks ago by one stroke … [Read more...]

Pro Golfers Are No Longer “Crazy” for Lifting Weights

I've lifted weights since I was eighteen years old. People in golf constantly told me, "Lifting weights is terrible for golf." Lots of pros told me that, too. Some said I was "crazy." When I was on the regular PGA Tour for eighteen years, I pumped iron when I could. I thought it helped me have a more compact golf swing and maybe gain a few yards off the tee. But I was afraid weight lifting might hurt my feel, my touch with the short game. So, I didn't lift weights for upper body strength much … [Read more...]