James (Jimmy) D. G. Dunn is a Methodist, a moderate Evangelical, a distinguished New Testament scholar now retired, a very cordial person, and my friend. His doctoral dissertation became his first book, published in 1970. It is entitled Baptism in the Holy Spirit: A Re-examination of the New Testament Teaching on the Gift of the Spirit in relation to Pentecostalism today. In this book, I don’t think Jimmy is clear on whether or not he subscribes to baptismal regeneration,… Read more

Many Christians do not know that God has an army in heaven. It consists of some of his angels. The most common phrase in the Bible that refers to this army is in the Old Testament. It is “the LORD of hosts” (Heb. yehvah tsebaot), with the definite article “the” usually being supplied. “The/oh LORD (God) of hosts” occurs 282 times in the Bible, most of them being “the LORD of hosts,” and all of them are in the Old… Read more

Hilary Clinton has written a book about the presidential election entitled “What Happened.” It was just released days ago. I haven’t read it. But I’ve watched her in a television interview about it. She is letting her feelings show and is being forthright about her losing the presidential election last year. She admits to mistakes she made. She had said previously that her decision to use a private email server was “a bonehead decision.” She says she was devastated by the… Read more

On Monday, ISIS (also Islamic State) militants killed eighteen Egyptian police officers and wounded seven others in Egypt’s northwestern Sinai. ISIS did it by remotely detonating roadside bombs and using machine guns against a five-vehicle convoy. ISIS has been leading an Islamic insurgency there for the past few years. I maintain that, because this North Sinai region is so chaotic and dangerous to control, Egypt should consider relinquishing it in some type of barter situation as part of a Palestinian… Read more

I think this is a tough question to answer. Donald Trump formed his Religious Advisor Council during his presidential campaign last year. He announced its long list of members in June, 2017. It included many Evangelical leaders. Evangelicals then contributed big time to electing Trump as president. Pew Research Center afterwards said that among all Evangelicals who voted in last year’s presidential election, 81% of them were Evangelicals. One wonders how many of these people voted for Trump because his… Read more

Since the publishing of my book The Restitution of Jesus Christ, in 2008, I have inclined more toward the view that the triple formula in Matthew 28.19, “baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” is an interpolation (=a later insertion, thus unoriginal). This is a difficult position for me to take since I have a fairly conservative view of the inspiration of the Bible. Plus, this text is well supported… Read more

Justin Thomas shot a five-under par 66 today at the TPC-Boston golf course, owned by the PGA Tour, to win the Dell Technologies Championship today. It was the second of the the four FedEx Cup Playoff series of tournaments which will end the PGA Tour season. Justin Thomas, Marc Leishman, and Jordan Spieth were tied for first place today with about seven holes to play. Both Leishman and Spieth had shot sizzling 30s on the front nine. But Thomas hung… Read more

I am writing a series of non-fiction books of 250-300 pages each on Bible prophecy that is accessible to the common reader. My plan is for it to be ten books. The first two are published: Book 1 is The Third Day Bible Code (2006), and Book 2 is Warrior from Heaven (2009). In my next Still Here book, I have a chapter on world disarmament. During the mid-1970s, I became convinced from G. H. Lang’s commentary on the Old… Read more

The New York Times reported today that the United Nations’ human rights chief Zeid al-Hussein made “an unusually forceful criticism of a head of state by a United Nations official.” He criticized U.S. President Donald Trump for his constant, disparaging remarks directed against the U.S. news media. Indeed, over the past two years, Mr. Trump has often publicly characterized the press indiscriminately as churning out “fake news.” Such repetition is making this expression commonplace in American parlance. Occasionally, Trump adds… Read more

The following are comments written in the past three days about one or more of the now over 100 Christology (and some anti-Trinitarian) posts on my Kermit Zarley Blog hosted at patheos.com: Sam Andrew wrote: “Good Summary, I’ve enjoyed many of your articles, but found this one particularly good, the Shema is the very crux of Judaism as you point out, without it the whole thing becomes just another local/ethnic god. Having been raised between Jewish and Christian grandparents I… Read more

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