A queer prayer for Pope Francis

Gracious and loving God

With thanksgiving
and hope
I come to you today
Grateful to walk with sisters & brothers
of other tribes
as they celebrate with faithful anticipation
one who accepts the call
as your servant leader

may his ear be inclined
toward your extravagant love

may the hinges of his heart
be oiled with compassion
and swing open
to welcome your ever present spirit

may his hands
reach across borders
geographical and theological

may his spirit
be willing to hear
your still speaking voice
whispered in the dulcet tones
of everlasting grace

may his knees bend
in radical humility
as he prays for your guidance

may his feet take confident
and compassionate steps
toward liberative justice

may his eyes perceive
your beauty
reflected in the faces
of lesbian
and transgender

May he live into his chosen name
and truly regard all

All creation as the mirror of God
and claim love
as the truest of all truths

Oh Lord
May You speak
Through him
May You speak
In spite of him


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  • Jessica

    Amen! Thank you. As a bi woman, whose becoming catholic, quite a few well meaning people in my life have taken the chance to remind me of how, “corrupt” and “backwards” my faith is. This comes from protestants, whose own denomination have a less than stellar stance on LGBT rights. Anyway, your prayer touched me deeply since it reflects very much what my soul desires. So, again, thank you.

  • Glennyce

    A good prayer to be prayed for all of us!

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kimgerlyknight Kimberly Knight

      Thank you Glennyce, it really does apply to us all.

  • James Jarvis

    And God’s people say Amen.

  • http://rosenzweigshmuesn.blogspot.com/ Daniel Imburgia


  • John Dornheim

    From your keyboard to God’s ears. Sadly, statements like “Gay Adoption is a form of discrimination against children.”; “Gay Marriage is a plan to destroy God’s plan.”; Argentina’s Gay Marriage bill is a “move by the Father of Lies to confuse and decieve the children of God” do not make me hopeful. We shall see.

    • Kimberly Knight

      Indeed, very hard and unfortunate statements – all the more reason to pray :)

  • Ellen Witko

    Well said.