Digital Detox

I have so many wonderful things I want to share with y’all via the interwebs this weekend but it is time to give myself a digital time-out. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week, maybe 30 days.

Because of the constant stream of hateful email, private messages and blog comments I experience throughout the week I’m getting bitter and mean and I’m not living into the love that the universe is raining down on me in so many other ways. I am becoming a writer who is only reactionary, and frankly a little assy. I can do better.

Before I check into my corner of self-reflection and getting stuff done there are a few of things I need to say.

One: Thank you for all the reading and discourse. Thank you for the support and encouragement. Thank you.

Two: I’m sorry for stirring pots that don’t need my particular stir stick, especially if innocent bystanders fall into the acidic stew. First, do no harm.

ThreeZoë Spencer’s YardStock tomorrow is going to be freaking amazing because SO many people have given what they can to make her dreams come true. There are not enough words for me to express our gratitude. I will post her final results on Sunday.

Four: Happy Coming Out day and Pride weekend in Atlanta. May closet doors be flung wide to let in the light of peace, love and Grace.


About Kimberly Knight

Kimberly has a long history of back-pew sitting, Wednesday night supper eatin' and generally trying God’s patience since 1969. She's lucky enough to have made her technology addiction a career and serves as both the Director of Digital Strategy as a southern liberal arts college and Minister of Digital community with Extravagance UCC.