Haint of Hope

Oh weak heart
why to you deceive
a determined mind?

Though I am truly
and finally grateful
to be free from all
that was toxic and false
moments swell within me
where I miss all
that was sweet and true

Surprised by joy
peeping into my life
seeping into my soul
My unhinged heart
is stalked by
the haint of hope
lurking in a lagoon of longing

Oh blighted heart
why to you contaminate
a fertile mind?

About Kimberly Knight

Kimberly has a long history of back-pew sitting, Wednesday night supper eatin' and generally trying God’s patience since 1969. She's lucky enough to have made her technology addiction a career and serves as both the Director of Digital Strategy as a southern liberal arts college and Minister of Digital community with Extravagance UCC.

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