Refusing to discriminate against the gays is NOT discrimination!

Sooooo, last night I read a funny little diddy where some “Christians” in Mississippi are all in a lather because they WON the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians.  Wait, why on earth would these silly ignorant people be miffed vitriolic about WINNING the right to be ugly hateful. Weellll, as it turns out other citizens of their fair state have shockingly come out to bully and abuse these Christians by calling them abominations, refusing them the right to get married and have families and even claiming that they are not real Christians. Oh wait, nope.  That is not what is happening.  Other people in Mississippi, some of them maybe even Christians (I mean, it is the south y’all) have the audacity to simply exercise their own right to free speech and religion and, wait for it (cue horror movie crescendo)…

…put stickers on their windows saying that they do not discriminate!!


Bless your hearts American Family Association (the only thing true in that title is Ass), you must really be suffering because other people, your very neighbors in fact, are putting stickers on their businesses.  YOUR religious freedom is being, what do you say on your website, being discriminated against?  Uh, no sweeties, by refusing to discriminate against others your rights are not being taken away.  You are absolutely free, because of the new “religious freedom” law, to use your religion as a shield for ignorance, fear and loathing.  But guess what, other people are just as FREE to exercise their religions, because of the new law, to NOT discriminate and to actually say so out loud.  Sheesh, what will we think of next?

Regardless of the motives of those who seek to discriminate against other Americans, other humans, it is still discrimination. You may claim it is you religious right (freedom of religion and all that). Ok cool.  But really, you are not behaving even remotely Christ like when you openly refuse to love your neighbors and use your twisted logic and deeply implanted narcissistic religiosity to blame others when you start to imagine your gross (yeah) profits going down the tubes because the gays (and allies) spend their money elsewhere.  Worship mammon much?   I mean you realize (well we do at least) that what this all boils down to is that you only want the law you supported to protect YOU and YOUR MONEY.  Heaven forbid such a law also protect others from freely practicing their religion and free speech. You truly look ridiculous claiming that the right to free speech of other people, some of them Christians, who choose to vocalize that they will not discriminate is somehow bullying you.

But on the bright side, your behavior is doing more to move us all closer to the day where I will actually be just as free and have just as many rights as you.  So keep it up.  I mean damn, with utterly irrational shenanigans like these, I would almost bet my conspiracy lovin’ last dollar that you are on the take from the upper echelon of those in charge of the homosexual agenda.  The assier you are, the faster we move forward, so holler on baby!

So put on your big girl panties and lay in the bed you’ve made.

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