I’d Like to Bear my Testimony that I Know Family Home Evening is True.

I’d Like to Bear my Testimony that I Know Family Home Evening is True. August 4, 2013

I only recently became sold on the importance of Family Home Evening.  Orthodox husband  has always been a stickler, and I can’t think of a single week in our entire 20 years of marriage when we haven’t had Family Home Evening.  It’s been the scene of our funniest moments, such as this four years ago:

Finn:  ….so Jesus was crucified on the cross like this  (holding his arms out to the side while his head lolls).

Me:  And then what happened Finn?

Finn:  He saw some ladies crying.

Me:  And then what did he do?

Finn:  He said, “I’ve had enough of this, I think I’ll come down and have a cup of coffee.”

It’s also been the scene of some of our most meteoric battles that have caused me at times to doubt marriage, family and church.  I will leave the gory details as there are too many expletives involved for a religious website.  But I think I’m sold on Family Home Evening as a crucial BS thermometer.  My lads are great.  They are vivacious, outgoing, confident and generous – but in the chaos and silliness of lots of brothers they tend to get religious fundamentals a bit messed up.

Tonight’s Family Home Evening was a wonderful case in point.

Me:  OK boys, when someone is bearing their testimony what is the first thing they usually say?

Finn:  Good morning brothers and sisters?

Me:  (Slight rolling of the eyes) That’s right, and then they say, “I’d like to bear my testimony that…….?

All:  I know the church is true!!!  (Very pleased with themselves)

Me:  What does that mean?

Finn:  It means…(pause)… they know the church is true?

Me:  OK, what’s the church?

Xander:  (Sings softly to himself mesmerized by his matchbox car.)

Roman:  (Attempts roly-polies on the floor causing my visual field to be periodically confronted by his rear end)

Elric:  (Bounces up and down on his chair grinning maniacally about some secret joke between he and himself )

Finn:  (With leg at a jaunty angle to his face pointing upwards)  It’s the building!

Me:  So the building is true?

Some boys:  (Giggling)

Roman:  (Suddenly surfacing – face up)  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

Me:  Great – a church is lots of things; The buildings;  The people; The bishop; What it teaches and so on.  So what does it mean that its ‘true’?

Deacon:  It means its right?

Me:  The building is right?  The people are right?  The bishop is right?

Deacon:  No, that’s not right!  The gospel is true?

Me:  Great!  So what’s the gospel?

Deacon:  It’s what the church asks us to do.

Me:  No it isn’t.  Its what Jesus taught the people when he was alive on earth.  What did he teach the people?

All:  (A stumped silence)…

Me:  OK – did he teach the people that if they did something bad they could change and be better.

Xander:  (Finally chiming in emphatically) No he didn’t!

Deacon:  He didn’t teach me that – you taught me that mum.

Me:  I taught it because that’s what Jesus taught me.

Finn:  He taught us not to say the ‘F’ word when we are praying!

Husband:  (Casts me a recriminating look suggesting that this comment has something to do with my poor word choices).

Me:  (To get back at husband);  Do you think that Jesus loves me even though I swear?

All boys:  Yes!

Me:  Do you think that Jesus thinks I could change and that he will help me to change if I wanted to?

 All boys:  Yes!

 Me:  That’s because what Jesus says is true!  So what do you think we should say when we bear our testimonies:  “I know the church is true?  Or I know what Jesus taught is true?”

All boys:  “I know what Jesus taught is true!”

And there it is!   It sounds like a great story – and its all true, if not somewhat truncated.  But, my husband is Brother Adherent.  He can’t be faulted in terms of his loyalty to the church.  Aside from a sports betting ring he ran at work some years back, he’s a model Mormon.  And despite the fact that I jump up and down rowing my ecumenical, reform, ‘Where is Jesus in the City Creek Centre?’ waka,  they still think he loves the Lord more than I do.

And why?  ‘He probably loves Jesus more than you’, they explain, ‘Because he loves church more than you.’




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