“Our Airbrush folks went too far”

‘Our airbrush folks went too far’

I had breakfast with my Aunt Minnie yesterday at a 1950’s style diner in McKinney, Texas. Aunt Minnie is a recent widow in her mid 70’s. She now lives in Pennsylvania but is in Texas on a road trip to see her siblings and nieces and nephews. In her rental car with her navigation system programmed, she is finding her way around and having a grand adventure.  Over our grits, eggs and biscuits, she  complained about her recent picture taken by Olan Mills for her church directory back in Pennsylvania. “They airbrushed out all my wrinkles.I looked 30 years younger!” So I called them to complain.

The woman at Olan Mills apologized. “We have some new airbrush folks. They’ve been going a little too far lately. Would you like your wrinkles back?”

So Aunt Minnie got her wrinkles back at no additional charge. That’s some pretty good customer service.

Iwould like to have a speaking part

I was talking with a friend who is a pastor at a church in Dallas. She told me of an experience she had recently of baptizing a precocious 6 year old girl named Emily.

My pastor friend was talking with Emily and her family before the service, walking them throught the ritual so they’d know what to expect. She felt a tug on her robe. She looked down.

 “What is it, Emily?” “Pastor,” Emily said politely, “I would like to have a speaking part.”

Emily is either a future actress or preacher. Or maybe just an about-to-be-baptized Christian who realizes that faithful discipleship will involve taking on  “a speaking part.”

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