Losing Control of Your Cursor

Losing Control of Your Cursor
I have several friends right now who are struggling with unexpected illnesses or accidents. One has a chronic debilitating disease. Another was mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn and fell, fracturing her ankle, an injury that has required multiple surgeries. I’m sure they hate losing control. We all hate situations that disrupt our orderly expectations and habits. I even get upset when my mouse stops working. I can’t control my cursor anymore. So I change the batteries. But it still doesn’t work. Then I notice I have taken non rechargeable batteries that I had mistakenly put in my battery charger and put them in my mouse. You can’t recharge something that is, by definition, not rechargeable. I think a lot of people feel like their life is out of their control. Of course, that is because it is! But sometimes events occur that make us realize that our hand is on the mouse and the cursor is doing whatever it pleases.

What do we do then?

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