Safety Man?

I was driving to work and saw the HOV lane entrance. I thought to myself, “If I had someone else in the car, I could get in a faster lane.” I remembered the Sky Mall catalogue I had perused on a recent flight. It featured “Safety-Man,” an inflatable dummy that you sit in the passenger seat. He has a baseball cap, a mustache and sunglasses. I think the idea is to make people, especially women, feel safer on solo trips.  He can get you in a faster lane in life, but he is no conversationalist and no protection whatsoever. I would guess that, if you had a flat tire, he would be no help at all.

Some people want God to be their safety man. Make their lives more convenient, keep his mouth shut, and not even speak when spoken to. I can envision a sermon called “Safety Man?” Safety Man is an illusion of protection from all ills that the Bible never really promises. I’m not sure if Safety Man is sermon worthy. I’ll have to think about it.

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