Advent Car Talk

I took my car into the dealer yesterday for two small problems having to do with the gas gauge and the battery. The little yellow gas tank icon begins to blink the day after I fill it up. Even though I know it’s full, I begin to feel anxious. I think it’s just messing with me because I have a fear of running out of gas and fill it up when it is half full anyway. My informal face book poll reveals that I am by no means the only one who does this.  The only other thing wrong with my car is that the battery wouldn’t hold a charge.

Yesterday morning, my husband Murry jumped the battery and I drove to the dealer. I took my backpack filled with iPad, laptop, kindle, iPhone: 2 days worth of work for what I hoped would only be an hour long wait. Also several granola bars, some packets of mixed nuts, and a bottle of water. I have a fear of being snackless as well as running out of gas.

Ryan, the young service manager checked out my two primary complaints and found a couple more things wrong.

“The alignment is off.” he said.  “Did someone hit a curb or anything while driving?”

I did the classic “I have no idea!” innocent shrug.  “Not a curb, ” I said truthfully.  (Maybe a yellow post at the entrance to the garage at school, but I’m not divulging that information to someone I just met.)

“The tread is worn on the front two tires.”

“You need an oil change.”

Since all of this was under warranty (except the tires) I didn’t have the suspicious thought: “I wonder if Ryan is just running up my bill with unnecessary repairs.”

But this was going to take longer than an hour.  Ryan got a nice man named Mike to drive me home where I am still waiting the next morning to pick up my car at noon today.

I don’ t why I bothered to take my car in. The only thing wrong with it was that the gas gauge has a malfunction, and it needs an alignment, two new tires, a new battery, and an oil change.

I don’t know why I bother to get an annual physical either. The only thing wrong with me physically – never mind, that’s too personal to go into…And my health is basically good, for which I’m very thankful.

I don’t know why I would bother to submit myself to an Advent spiritual check up either. The only things off kilter with me spiritually and emotionally right now are– well, never mind, that’s too personal to go into, too.

Let’s just say that if there is any analogy between cars and people, Advent is a good time to take the car into the dealer just for a checkup.

We might find that our preparation for Advent will require filling our spiritual tank, getting back on track, and recharging our spiritual energies.

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