Call back!

I got a message on my office voice mail yesterday afternoon from a colleague. She had taken over as the chair of a committee I led last year. “I have a question about what went on last fall so we don’t reinvent a wheel that is already rolling. Please call me so you can fill me in on what happened. “

I was about to go teach a class, so I made a note to call her that night, but forgot until this morning.

I just called her and we chatted for 10 minutes or so about how things were going for both of us as the semester started off.

Then she said, “Well, I always enjoy talking with you, Alyce, but is there any particular reason you called?”

To which I responded “Because you called me yesterday and asked me to call you. “ This was met with memory, laughter and apology. I told her there was no need to apologize. It was just a sign that she had too much on her mind.

She then remembered why she had called me, asked her question, and I did my best to answer in a helpful way. We made a lunch appointment for next week. I’m to go by her office after I’m through with another meeting. Maybe when she hears my knock she’ll look up from her desk and say “Hi, Alyce, it’s always good to see you. but is there any particular reason you’re dropping by?”

This interchange makes me think of the fact that every time we call on God, it is because God has first called us. Prayer is a call back.

Fortunately, God remembers why God called and what we need to talk about. In our too busy lives, thank God someone does!

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