AdoptACardinal: Cardinal Sean, I’ve Adopted You!

Over on Twitter this afternoon a new friend’s tweet caught my eye:

I’m late to the prayer party! It looks like has been up on Twitter since February 23rd. Since then, 82,393 (and counting) folks have “adopted” a Cardinal. When I entered my adoption papers at the website today I was randomly matched with Cardinal Sean! Imagine my joy when the following news greeted me:

My online “adoption” announcement

Along with an email in my inbox with this information:


You have adopted this Cardinal:

Sean Patrick O’Malley OFMCap, from USA, born 29.6.1944.
He’s been a Cardinal since 24.3.2006 and his function is: Archbishop of Boston, United States

May the prayer for your Cardinal be deeply blessed.

The website encourages the faithful to be a prayerful part of the upcoming conclave by praying fervently for all of the Cardinals, but in a special way for their “adopted” shepherd. I hope Cardinal Sean will be able to feel the prayers of this Fresno housewife all the way in Rome!



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  • Manny

    I did it. I got this man.

    Name: Stanislaw Dziwisz
    Country: Poland
    Day of birth: 1939-4-27
    Cardinal since: 2006-3-24
    Function: Archbishop of Kraków, Poland

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      That’s cool Manny – he was a very special aid to Blessed John Paul II!

  • Kelly Wahlquist

    Early this morning over my much needed coffee, I adopted a Cardinal, and WOWZA… I got the Vicar General of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, Archpriest of the papal Lateran Basilica and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Lateran University, Cardinal Agostino Vallini. This is where the body of Christ astonishes me—to think this great holy man will prosper from my simple meager prayers. God is so good allowing us all to play our part in building up His kingdom.

    If Cardinal Vallini thought his mother hovered over him back in his childhood days in Barra, he ain’t seen noth’n yet! I’m bombarding Our Blessed Mother with prayer asking her to be at his side constantly and to bring her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to be with the Cardinal always to guide his every decision.

    Come Holy Spirit living in Mary, watch over my newly adopted son… um, I mean Cardinal.

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      Now that’s a lucky Cardinal with such a saintly woman on the job!

  • Stefanie

    I got Andre, the Cardinal of Paris, France! Very excited.
    My husband just rolls his eyes at me and wonders why I am carrying the Cardinal around with me like I do with my Divine Office. He is quite jealous that it is a Frenchman. “Of course!” he says (remembering my one and only school beau from MIDDLE school, for pete’s sake).
    When I excited shared my ‘adoptee’ with the parish staff before our meeting started, everyone looked at me as if I had adopted a three-headed squirrel and teaching it to ride a bicycle. Honestly!

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      Stefanie – you’re among friends here, so come around here when they roll their eyes. I’ll celebrate the joy of praying for Cardinal Andre with you!!

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  • Kerry McMasters

    Hi Lisa,
    Great to see that you have adopted our beloved Sean Cardinal O’Malley. He’s definately one to keep your eye on. The Lord has great plans for him. I know that the Lord hand picked him to help us through all the scandals here in Boston. His homilies are very good. Just watched his address to us today at our 4PM Mass, for the Cardinal’s Stewardship Appeal. By being able to watch and see the different areas of our faith and programs that are supported, takes away any doubts as to how critical this program is.
    I have adopted Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera from Spain. I have already found a thread that ties us together. I think many people may find the same thing, that itis no coincidence who they have adopted to pray for.

  • Monica @

    Hi Lisa,
    I made a FREE printable for the Guess Who? game that many families have in their games closet. It sports 24 Cardinals fom the conclave with their names, faces and flags so that we can get more familiar with some of the most talked about Cardinals in the next coming weeks….and maybe one of them will be our next Pope!
    I will likely be revising and expanding the template as the Conclave starts to happen, but in any case, it will be linked to this page:

    I thought you might like to see it!

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