Don’t Miss Pat Gohn’s WaPo Take on Pope Francis & the Theology of Women

Pat Gohn

When I grow up (if I do), I would love to be half as well-educated and as eloquent as my dear friend Pat Gohn. The author of Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious and the host of the Among Women Podcast, Pat is the perfect person to help us better understand the context of Pope Francis’ now famous airplane press conference, and specifically his comments on women.

Today over at the Washington Post’s “On Faith” platform, Pat Gohn offers a fantastic primer for those seeking a better understanding on the Church’s current “theology of women”. Over the past several years, Pat’s academic pursuits, her work online and in social media, and her authorship of a groundbreaking book for women have all been aimed at transmitting the Church’s teaching on the dignity of women and the feminine genius in clear, uplifting and resounding ways.

Please take a few moments today to read and share Pat’s article.

And Pope Francis, if you’re reading this, give Pat a call. She’d be the perfect person to help you move forward with communicating Catholicism’s theology of women.


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  • jenny

    What Pat wrote is very interesting.
    I just wonder why so few women have the chance to be like Mother Mary ? Shouldn’t be Mary our role model ?
    Instead, too many women, way too many women are raped, beaten, impregnated and abandoned by their husbands, ridiculed for getting pregnant, forced to work while pregnant because the husbands are unable to bring enough $ at home, ridiculed for feeding the babies in public, criticized for not being mother/wife 24/7, forced by their husbands to abort, etc….
    If men praise Mother Mary so much, than why are so few men eager to marry pregnant girls ( I mean girls impregnated and then abandoned) ? Can we praise Mary if there are no Joseph(s) around? Or can we act like Mother Mary if there are no Joseph(s) around ?