@Pontifex Ponderings: Is It a Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood?

I’ve decided to start a little series here on the blog where I share my first impressions of our Holy Father, Pope Francis’ amazing tweets. For today, he shared:

I have to share that as I sit in my section of suburbia on this Saturday morning, my initial reaction to this tweet was, “Oh crud!”

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I’ve lived in my current house for twelve years. In that time, I have spoken to my next door neighbor a total of one time. The interaction happened shortly after we moved in, when I went next door to introduce myself. Greeted with very little conversation, I said goodbye and haven’t been back since. We live in a sort of weird situation where our comings and goings don’t have us running into one another. If I’m being completely honest, I actually don’t even know what the elderly couple who live next door look like today. I could run into them in the market and not even recognize them. Maybe I have…

That’s sad. 

I can read the tweet above and justify my behavior by thinking, “He’s not really talking about our neighbors who live next door, right?! He sort of means ‘neighbor’ in a more generic way…”

But in this case, I think it’s not so easy to squirm out of the message he’s delivering. Looks like I need to pay another visit, and get busy better knowing — and serving — my neighbors.

A question for you: Do you know your neighbors?

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