New Over the Rhine Album Next March.

Here’s a letter from Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine from the band’s Web site!

November 27, 2004

Hello fellow travelers,

It’s a rainy November Saturday night in Ohio. Big moon last night behind naked oak branches. Roaring fire in our back yard under crisp star-sprinkled sky. Tonight, cold and wet outside, so we sit in a warmly lit kitchen. And wouldn’t you know, we’re listening to our new record. Giving it a spin before it gets sent off for final mastering on Tuesday. We realized in the last few days that it’s called ‘BORN’.

We had been sketching and writing off and on for much of the year. Turns out we started recording for real on election day, and finished mixing on Thanksgiving Eve. A relaxed record made at home in this wooden house we call the Grey Ghost. Upright bass. Piano. Acoustic guitars. A few horns. A few subtle textures. A voice.

Karin and I stayed home more this year and felt the water in the well rise. We felt the seasons change close to home. There’s a lot of love on this one.

Over the Rhine BORN is set to be released March 29, 2005 on Virgin/Back Porch Records.

The track listing is at their Web site.

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  • rob

    Yep, bit torrent is the way to go. That’s what’s in the mail today, Jeffrey. Nice high def quality, baby!

  • laiq
  • Anonymous

    Looks like you’re covered. But if it happens again an no one has a tape, try this.

  • rob

    Got it, dude. Sent you an email. If you’re lucky, I might be able to burn it in (near) high def.