I Have Seen Aslan.

Saw the first full-length trailer for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe at Biola’s Media Conference. Twice. That’s how much the crowd loved it.

Can’t say more at this point, except that all of the main characters get their close-ups, and it’s all colorful, vivid, and kaleidoscopic. New Zealand is, surprise, awe-inspiring.

The big breaking news concerning this though is that Bryan Cox is not going to be the voice of Aslan. Got this straight from the head of Disney voice casting. Cox *was* cast, but then he came in to do the lines and, because he had recently lost 40 pounds, his girth was significantly reduced, and that has affected his famously brusque and burly tone. His pre-weight-loss voice was an ideal voice for Aslan; his post-diet voice is not.

What a shame.

So they’re hunting for a new Aslan voice again. They talked about some strong possibilities, but Andrew Adamson hasn’t approved anyone yet.

The thing these guys stressed the most–“We are faithful to the book.” They said that about a dozen times. “If you like the book, you’ll love the movie.”

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  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I *think* they mean it’ll be released attached to SOMETHING on May 7th… or perhaps on the Internet… and that it will DEFINITELY be attached to Star Wars on the 19th.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info. The trailer looked great, even as a bootleg version. My question for you is this; Everyone keeps saying that the trailer will be released May 7th, and it will be attached to Ep. 3. How is that possible? Ep. 3 doesn’t come out until the 19th. Can you clear this up for me? I was really hoping they would release it with the Hitchhikers Guide this weekend.

    Thanks again for the information.

  • Why

    Did they mention any movies that they might show the trailer in?

  • the methodist

    oh man, you’ve made me even more excited. I can’t wait until the trailer is released.