I’m coming to Biola University!

FYI: April 22nd and 23rd, I’ll be at Biola for their media conference.

What a week that’ll be! Over the Rhine in Seattle on the 21st, L.A. on the 22nd and 23rd, U2 in Seattle on the 24th!

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  • Liz

    My impression in the movie was that Eastwood’s character was already rather soul-less, but in a misguided way, just shut down from past hurt. I didn’t get the impression he was at all heroic at the end of the movie, just very sad about something he felt obligated to do.

  • Hope McP

    This is what always catches me up — and takes the magic out of something: a stupid mistake (overlooked by an editor). Would a trainer, someone who’s had at least some first-aid training, check a pulse with his thumb?! The thumb has its own pulse, which an instructor in every single Red Cross class will tell you. Never, ever check a pulse with your thumb. For pete’s sake.

  • jasdye


    You want to run that sentance (yours about suggesting the questionability of Eastwood’s hero-ness) by me again? I feel we missed something there.

  • Tom Wilkinson

    What beautiful prose. Strange though, I never thought of Eastwood’s character as heroic–only broken and lost.

  • mark

    I hope you have a great trip. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your impressions. Do you know who you will be interviewing?

  • Julie

    Hope it goes well for you and that the conference is encouraging. I was a radio/tv/film major there for two years before switching to English (a better fit for me). At the time, the program was still in its infancy, but even then they had some valuable things to say about Christians in Hollywood. In the time since my graduation, they’ve also done some great things in the department, so I will certainly be interested to hear your perspective on what’s happening there.

  • Foolish Knight

    Oh, OK. (Thanks for responding!)

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I’ve been asked to write about the conference for CT, so I’ll be doing interviews there.

  • Foolish Knight

    Neat! But I don’t see you on the list of speakers, so I guess you’re just attending. Is that true?