Home at Last. What a week.

Anne and I have come crashing through the front door of our home, leaving behind us a memorable weekend in Colorado Springs, where we met Don Pape, the literary agent that’s changing our lives.

Don gave us a tour of Alive Communications, his place of work. It’s an agency that has represented such admirable writers as Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz), Brennan Manning, Eugene Peterson, and Philip Yancey. We met a whole corridor full of warm and welcoming people. Then Don treated us to a fantastic meal at a well-concealed but excellent restaurant where we were the only customers, and talked for hours about Auralia’s Colors and its sequel, about our lives as writers and readers, about married life, and about other stories I intend to publish someday (if the Lord’s willing).

While Anne and I were in a beleaguered and bleary-eyed state, after spending an exciting week in Santa Fe, we couldn’t have been happier to find such a kindred spirit in Don. Watch for his work. He’s bringing a new book by Margaret Becker to shelves soon that sounds like quite an original work.

Earlier that same day, Annd and I had the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with Shannon Hill and the team at WaterBrook Press. They really “get” what’s going on in Auralia’s Colors, and I’m thrilled to have them handling my projects. When I look at some of the other things they’ve released, I’m flattered to see that my name will be added to the list.

As you can see, I’m working backwards chronologically. Last week, The Glen Workshop was everything we’d hoped for and more. I’ll be posting again soon with a list of thank-yous to everyone who made the week memorable and rewarding.

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  • jasdye

    spoilers? on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

    isn’t that kind of like telling us the ending of Titanic?

  • Mike Harris Stone

    Here is the link to the clips I mentioned. There very brief and are part of some TV show for kids and contain spoilers. Unfortunately the file is Windows Media only.


  • Mike Harris-Stone

    OK y’all! I respectfully have to disagree. Did you notice that those were centaurs charging? And all of the other weird creatures? I thought, hey we ARE in Narnia here and it looks REAL. I could practically smell the sweat. If you connect this clip to the ones shown on the Disney channel where Lucy tries to shake Tumnus’s hand and where the kids meet Mr. Beaver, (Not the clip in the lodge), I think it all adds up to a very strong character driven film that may well be a real classic when all is said and done.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    Don’t care.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    More screening dates were announced? Not in Vancouver, at least not yet. Any chance I could come down to Seattle? :)

    Personally, I am not only underwhelmed, but I am a little put off by the way everything goes to slow-motion and then we hear that loud “shing!” as the centaur in the middle of the screen pulls out his swords.

    It just seems kind of … tacky. Like someone wants to make a Peter Jackson film but doesn’t quite know how to do it. It’s like watching Woody Allen make imitation Ingmar Bergman movies. Or like watching Kevin Costner make imitation post-apocalyptic movies.

  • Magnus

    Cheetahs good, tigers bad? It looks weak.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    Don’t care, don’t care. I’ll reserve judgment until I actually see the movie.

  • Wasp Jerky

    Underwhelming is a good word for that. Yeesh. I can see cats running on Animal Planet.

    The film is rated PG, too, isn’t it? I fully understand how flawed the U.S. film rating system is, but movies with wars in them that aren’t at least rated PG-13 make me very skeptical.

  • The Cubicle Reverend

    As long as it for the most part keeps with the novel I don’t care. I am not listening to any critics (sorry dude, no offense) because when it comes to this story I don’t care what they or anyone has to say. This is a story that means more to me than anything any person whether a critic or Christian orginization can say or do. They will not ruin this for me. Only it being bad will ruin it for me.

  • Anika

    Ugh. I really, really hope that you’re wrong… but after watching the ten-minute “super trailer” for the film at SPU a couple weeks ago, I’m starting to fear that you’re right.

  • Anonymous

    Found some info about Margaret Becker’s book here and here.

  • Clive

    Thanks for sharing. Most of us will never know what it is like to walk down the road you’re heading. Let us come along for the ride.

  • Sara Z.

    That’s exciting. Stuff like meeting your editor and agent helps make it all real during the eternal length of time between contract and publication. There is something wrong with the time/space continuum when that span of time crawls by and the very same span of time, when it comes to a deadline, flies.