Three new first-impression reviews: T Bone Burnett, Over the Rhine, Innocence Mission

I’ve just posted three new, short reviews on the Looking Closer music page.
T Bone Burnett’s The True False Identity
Over the Rhine’s Live from Nowhere, Volume One
The Innocence Mission’s re-mastered version of Birds of My Neighborhood.
And, what’s more…

THE WINNERS of the “Describe The Innocence Mission’s Music” contest.

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  • Andy Whitman

    Very nice T Bone review, Jeffrey. It’s uncannily like the review I wrote in Paste. So to avoid claims of plagiarism, I hereby swear that my review was written independently of yours.

    So do you think “The True False Identity” is a comedy album, as T Bone claimed?

  • Josh Hurst

    Very nice, Jeffrey. You’re doing much better than I am covering new music this year, though hopefully I’ll be back on my game soon.

    I am jealous that you’ve already heard the T-Bone disc. And, I’m curious to hear what you think of Donald Fagen’s album, which I noticed you are listening to. That one’s still my favorite of the year.