Rosenbaum Reviews "Three Times"

Sure to be one of the year’s best, Three Times is the latest from Hou Hsiao-hsien, whose film Cafe Lumiere is one of the best I’ve seen in the past few years.

Here’s a review by Jonathan Rosenbaum.

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  • Adam Walter

    I held off reading reviews of Gondry’s movie till I saw it today. What a great film! And if only he’d been able to do something with the ending… well, it might have been as wonderful as Eternal Sunshine.

    And nice review, by the way. (Small correction–the film takes place in Paris, not the US.)

  • lbrodine

    My wife just pointed out to me that Facing the Giants is number 3 on the all-time top rated films on Yahoo! Movies, just behind The Godfather and ahead of Star Wars. (*sound of my insides groaning*)

    We saw it before it came to theaters through a friend who works for the film’s promotions company, and I have to agree with most of the reviews Jeff compiled for the Film Forum. Compared to other fare in Christian Films (discounting The Passion) this is one of the better I’ve seen, but it’s not even in league with such classics as Waterworld.

    Seeing this kind of disjunction between popularity and quality makes me long to see more Christians wanting to see good films, many of which are praised on Looking Closer. Then again, there’s a lot of other things about American Evangelicalism that I’d like to see change, and film viewership is probably a little bit lower on the list.

  • Michael

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  • Christian

    I posted at A&F and FilmJourney after seeing this at FilmFest DC. You’ll see that I didn’t much care for the film in the days immediately following the screening. Nice visuals, not enough narrative, and a little too much mood for its own good.

    That was then. Reading Ebert’s review today (I haven’t checked Rosenbaum), I find myself thinking more fondly of the film. I’m not sure what its payoff is, or what it would be for you. But your recent comments about the appeal of visual poetry, etc., make me think you’d experience the film on terms that are more favorable to the filmmaker’s intentions.