Join us for the "Through a Screen Darkly" release party.

SATURDAY, FEB. 24, 7:30 PM

It’s time to celebrate! Come and share one of the most exciting evenings of my life… the Through a Screen Darkly book release party.

I’ll be reading an excerpt from the book and telling the rather bizarre story of how this all came about. Then, there’ll be a Q&A time, and a lot of conversation about great films. And I may even sign a copy or two, if I can manage to sit still.

Wine, h’ors d’ouvres, friends, family, and the generous and delightful John and Sharon Connell, who own the bookstore.

The Next Chapter
721 South First Street
P.O. Box 574
La Conner, WA 98257
(Here’s a map for you.)

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  • Andy Whitman

    Think of it as the 21st century equivalent of the harrowing of hell.

  • Andy Whitman

    Think of it as the 21st century equivalent of the harrowing of hell.

  • Trent

    Bono. Celine Dion. Matter. Anti-matter. I think something might explode….

  • Kevin

    La Conner! That’s twenty minutes from me! I suppose I have no excuse but to show up!

  • Cpt Casual-T

    Hey, I’ve been there, at your recommendation. And the folks that I took with me bought something there and gave it to me for Christmas.

    While we were there I noticed the background music – Jeff Johnson. I was a big fan of his in the late 80’s. “Icons” is amazing. I inquired and the owners said they host events with him from time to time.

    Sorry to miss your party. It’s a long way from Ottawa. But my wife did preorder the book for me. It was a ridiculously good Christmas. I got Snow Angels too.