"Through a Screen Darkly" – on CT’s front page today!

Through a Screen Darkly is front-page news at Christianity Today right now

…and it looks like Rob Moll must have interviewed me somewhere along the way. Sneaky fellow! (Note: You can post comments at the bottom of the interview… and at the bottom of the review as well!)

They’ve also re-posted the CT review of the book.


I learned what book reviews were all about by reading them when I was a kid. CT was the only magazine my father subscribed to, so when it arrived I was always rather fascinated by it. Instead of keeping a diary, I made my own little magazines about my life, writing about the books I was reading, the music I was listening to, the movies I was allowed to see. CT had a lot to do with how I learned to think. So it’s a little surreal to see what I’m seeing today. The Lord works in very, very mysterious ways.

(And he has a sense of humor too. Look what’s being advertised at the top of the page. It’s FoxFaith!)

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  • Just from reading you the past few months, I can tell that once you see the Honigmann documentary “Forever” that Darren Hughes talks about, you’ll go nuts with artistic happiness. It happened to me when I saw it in Nashville. I’m tempted to say that seeing that film was the most moving artistic experience I’ve ever had.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing it on DVD. Honigmann’s last documentary, “The Underground Orchestra”, is only available for (very expensive) rental or purchase from the distributor on VHS or 35mm print.

    Quite sad, because I want to share this film with everyone I know.

  • Nick

    Yeah, I am kidding. Somewhat.

    But here’s the thing: CT had to approve of the advertising, even if they weren’t endorsing it. CT wouldn’t approve of a FoxFaith film if it showcased an actress who did a strip tease in her last film.

    Oh wait… they just did. ;)

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    I know you’re kidding but, just to be clear for everyone…

    That is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT. CT isn’t endorsing anybody … FoxFaith or otherwise.

  • Nick

    I think it’s wonderful CT is advertising “Little Miss Sunshine” on its front page. Looks like I know who they’re rooting for in the Supporting Actress category!

    Oh wait… wasn’t that film rated R?