Many, many thanks to my three audiences during yesterday’s talk-a-thon!

I am dizzy and exhausted after yesterday’s triathalon of speaking engagements… 

Many, many thanks to the hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and other guests who packed the Otto Miller lecture hall at Seattle Pacific University… twice… yesterday afternoon. I had a fantastic time passing along the lessons I’ve learned from writers like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Madeleine L’Engle, and introducing you to Auralia’s Colors. I was particularly inspired by your enthusiasm and responsiveness, and challenged by your questions afterward. After growing up rather lonely in my love of fairy tales and fantasy writing, it was exciting to find so many kindred spirits gathered in the same room. I hope you all enjoy the book!

Thanks to Dr. Susan VanZanten Gallagher for inviting me to speak, and to the students who helped us relocate the event five minutes after it was supposed to start. That was a bold move, but a good one, as it allowed the crowd filling the corridor outside to join us.

I’m also grateful for the group who gave up their chance to watch Game One of the World Series, and who came to the Seattle Public Library in Fremont on a grim, rainy October night to hear about Auralia’s Colors. After the lecture hall events, it was nice to set up chairs in a circle and relax into something more conversational and low-key.

Thanks to Jesten Delph from the Seattle Public Library, who organized the Fremont event and made sure posters were hung in the library and the local bookstores, and thanks also to Henry Burton of the Fremont Place Book Company,¬† who set up a book table to sell copies of Auralia’s Colors. (I’ll be adding that store to Auralia’s Favorite Bookstores!)¬†It was great to work with both of you, and I hope we get to do this again.

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Jeffrey Overstreet has two passions: writing fiction, and celebrating art — music, cinema, photography, literature — through writing and teaching. He is the author of a “memoir of dangerous moviegoing” — Through a Screen Darkly. And his four-novel fantasy series, The Auralia Thread, which begins with Auralia's Colors, was published by Random House. He speaks at universities and conferences around the world about understanding art through eyes of faith. He is earning his MFA in Creative Writing at Seattle Pacific University, where he has worked for 11 years as an editor, writer, and communications project manager. His work has been recognized in The New Yorker, TIME, The Seattle Times, IMAGE, Ravi Zacharias International — and Christianity Today, where he served as a film journalist for more than a decade. He recently began a weekly column called "Listening Closer" for Christ and Pop Culture.