IMAGE Publisher Gregory Wolfe on… Battlestar Galactica?

Yes, admits Greg Wolfe, editor of Image. I, too, dabble in pop culture.

And right away, he mentions Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.

Is this the beginning of the end? Will the next issue of Image feature speculation about Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy?

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  • oh, how i wish bsg was still about religion, politics, and ethics. i think the elements that made it unique have largely fell by the wayside in favor of the more traditional space/soap opera elements.

    i still maintain that the last half of star trek: deep space nine is the high water mark of sci-fi on tv. gene roddenberry was a brilliant man, but his insistence that the federation be a religionless, moneyless utopia free of all interpersonal conflict really hurt the franchise. after his death, ds9 was able to break those taboos and create a much richer universe that was all about religion, politics, and ethics. but since like five of us watched it, the world may never know…

  • clrussell

    lol. :-0