Browser, 7/2: Billy Collins on Bugs; Lamb on Dobson, Obama, and democracy; Tim Roth on TV!; Cohen & Ferrell are Holmes & Watson; “Why We Need Movie Reviewers”; Tom Waits reviewed; How to write a movie; Mozart or Salieri?;Christianity in China


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The Wall Street Journal and a Wascally Wabbit

Billy Collins pays tribute to his heroes… Looney Toons characters.


Distortions and villifications

In view of Dobson’s words about Obama, Stephen Lamb asks, “What hope is there for democracy?” And he offers some notable quotes.


Lie to Me

Tim Roth stars as a human lie detector in a new FOX television series?! Wow. I hope the show is worthy of his talent.


Sasha Baron Cohen is Holmes. Will Ferrell is Watson.

I’m already standing in line.


“Why We Need Movie Reviewers”

Slate‘s Erik Lundegaard makes some interesting observations on how to measure the relevance of film critics.

It’s almost a given these days that movie critics are elitist, while moviegoers are populist. When the highest-grossing films get panned by critics, what good are critics? As publishers across the country dump their reviewers, this is not exactly a rhetorical question.

Believe it or not, though, critically acclaimed films generally do better than critically panned films at the box office—if you measure their performance in the right way.

(via Wells)


Tom Waits’ song for the decapitated?

The funniest thing about this Tom Waits concert review is that the reviewer refers to the classic song “Hang Down Your Head” as… wait for it… “Hand Down Your Head.”


The Middle-Earth Muddle

An update on the Lawsuits of the Rings.


How to Write a Movie

Some tips from the writer of Millions, 24-Hour Party People, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story


Mozart or Salieri?

Listen to clips, and make your guess. Which composer is responsible for each?

Thanks to Martin Stillion for the link.


Christianity on the movie in China

GetReligion has a post on the progress of Christianity in China.

The latest variation on the Vader Sessions.

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  • grazor

    Here is a good article in the Washington Post about the Obama/Dobson “thing” – While I have other issues with Obama’s stance on things, Dobson was out of line and out of context.

  • grdthepoint

    I think the bloggers about Dobson and Obama are missing a few points as well. Obama could have talked about living in a pluralistic society without dragging in those old red herrings along the lines of “Well, the Old Testament says not to eat shellfish!” that come up every time the biblical position on homosexuality is discussed. (And I’m not terribly comfortable with the man who wants to be Commander in Chief taking what amounts to a theological potshot at the military.)

    Dobson may have made some mistakes here, but he’s not running for president, which is why Obama’s mistakes and distortions disturb me more.

    Didn’t mean to go off on a rant — I just wanted to get that off my chest.

  • Lamb makes a couple of good reference points there. i need to re-read Dark’s Gospel According to America. we could all learn to discourse so civilly and thoughtfully.

    at least I could.