Over the Rhine’s 20th Anniversary Brouhaha

I’m planning my first trip to Ohio.

Are you?

From the latest Over the Rhine newsletter:


A Special 20th Anniversary Holiday Celebration of the Music of Over the Rhine:

December 19, The Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH: An evening with Over the Rhine. featuring music from decade one.

December 20, The Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH: An evening with Over the Rhine, featuring music from decade two.

Here’s the skinny folks. The first night, we are going to delve deeply into the early recordings which include Till We Have Faces, Patience, Eve, Good Dog Bad Dog, and our first Christmas record, The Darkest Night of the Year. We will enlist the help of various musicians and guests for this first evening, but are very excited to announce that Ric Hordinski and Brian Kelley will be joining us to revisit many of the early songs which launched our career.

The second night will focus on songs from the last ten years, drawn from the recordings Films For Radio, OHIO, Drunkard’s Prayer, The Trumpet Child, and our most recent Christmas record, Snow Angels. Again, look for various guests and key contributors to Over the Rhine’s recordings as the night unfolds.

Sound like a party? Yes it does. (Discounted tix for those attending both nights are available at OvertheRhine.com.)

And we will bring the year to a close once again at St. Elizabeth’s in Norwood, Ohio, with our Sunday Soiree, on December 21st at 3pm. God willing, we’ll bask in the afterglow of a two night stand, another amazing year, share some wine and refreshments, and conjure up some acoustic music in this ragged, sacred old cathedral. More info and tickets will be made available soon at OvertheRhine.com.

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  • justinboyer

    Naomi and I just ordered tickets… did the dual night deal… that’ll be our Christmas presents to each other.

    With so many albums being presented at the event, it begs the question… which is your favorite?

    Ohio was my introduction – Drunkard Prayer sealed the fan-dom – but I think Cutting Room Floor is my favorite overall.

    Naomi throws in an unexpected wild card: Snow Angels.

  • gordonhackman

    I’m happy to hear the Ric Hordinski will be playing with them for this. I was under the impression for a while that there was some bad blood between them, and I’m glad to see them getting together again, even if it is for just one show that I won’t be able to make.

  • I’m so very disappointed! Not only am I going to miss this wonderful OTR gala, but I’m also going to miss JO’s first visit to my fine home state. Why? Because I’m going to be in Hawaii with Ken Morefield.