The highlight of the Super Bowl is already on YouTube.


OKAY, OKAY… so the YouTube link is dead.

Who cares? Now you can see it in HD on Apple’s trailers page.

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  • Dave Von Bieker

    By the way, what’s the emoticon for sarcasm?

  • Dave Von Bieker

    Who knew they would make a sequel? I for one am bewildered. Did the first one make a lot of money or something?

  • David

    I just found at least one clip of Springsteen’s performance that hasn’t been taken down from YouTube, so the title of Jeffrey’s post is still correct. :)

  • Joel

    Looks like Paramount ordered the video to be removed.

  • closerlooker

    Actually, it *was* the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen teaser. I still haven’t seen the first one, and I don’t care much about the second one, but it’s a pretty cool teaser.

  • nate

    Your video link doesn’t work anymore, but I assume it was the trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie.

  • Joseph Hollies

    Doesn’t look very different from what I remember the first film being. The “Star Trek” ad is up at TrekToday.

  • Todd

    Meh. Didn’t see the first one, so I’d be lost if I tried to watch the sequel.