“Auralia’s Colors” … in Dutch!

De kleuren van Auralia is here.

I’m trying not to take it personally that it’s described as a “Schitterend fantasy-boek.” (What exactly does that mean?)


Anne and I have plane tickets to Amsterdam in hand. In April, we will indeed be boarding my first international flight since 1991. I’m preparing several presentations on Christian discernment in film, and I’ll be addressing a variety of audiences. Many, many thanks in advance to my generous hosts, program planners, and the publishers who have translated Through a Screen Darkly into Dutch. (And to the other folks who translated Auralia’s Colors.) What an honor and a privilege! I’m overwhelmed.

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  • Elrond

    Oh, and Jeffrey, please, please, please don’t let whoever is organising this talk you into having an interpreter… Dutch people may not always be able to communicate perfectly in English, but most of the audience will understand almost everything you say without an interpreter.

  • Elrond

    Hi Matthijs, it’s great, isn’t it, also good to see that apparantly there are quite a few Dutch readers of this blog.

  • Johan

    I will be there too!
    I already have the English version, and always try to read books in their original language. But my younger brother will take up the Dutch Version.

    Congratulations from the city of Delft!


  • Read this in the morning, still laughing at the end of the day. Thanks for the word play.

  • “Beautiful” doesn’t quite capture it though. “Great” maybe, even “brilliant” perhaps. “Splendid” is probably the best translation. “A Thousand Splendid Suns” has been translated als “Duizend schitterende zonnen” over here. There you go.

  • Matthijs

    Wow, I didn’t realise at first Elrond is Dutch, too. This means you’re coming to the Netherlands!

    I found the announcement at http://www.cvkoers.nl

    After years of reading your reviews and blog… this is mind-blowing news!!!

  • Matthijs

    Hi Jeffrey,

    “Schitterend” means “beautiful”. And Google Translate (always fun!) says “sparkling” (literally translated a “schitter” is a spark). See here for the English/gibberish version of the page you linked to:


    Oh, and concerning your translated name. “Over” is Dutch for “About”. So, please don’t take it personally. ;)

    The Dutch translation of Auralia has been available here in the Netherlands for quite some time. But I bought the English version – and am currently reading it. :)

  • What does “schitterend” mean, Bart?

  • Elrond

    Unfortunately I already bought it in English, otherwise I would’ve loved to have the Dutch version :)
    I just heard the amazing thing that of all the places in the world you could come to you are probably coming to my tiny town somewhere in April, I really look forward to that after reading your blog for nearly two years :)

  • Well, Jeffrey, I do subscribe to the view that the book is “schitterend” so I will say “gefeliciteerd” to you on your Dutch translation! :-)