Parents everywhere will soon be rushing out to theaters with their children and spending close to 50 or 60 bucks just so they can watch this movie…

I choose to hope that some, though, will stop, think, and remember that they love their children and want what is best for them.


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  • You know, if kids are that desperate to see an Owen Wilson movie with dogs (although I’m betting most kids the age for ‘Marmaduke’ have no clue who Owen Wilson is), parents can save money and just pull out “Marley and Me.” It’s cute and funny, but it actually surprised me by having something honest to say about relationships and family.

    This just reeks of Garfield, Scooby Doo and all other lame talking animal cash-ins (Babe is the exception). I thought it looked merely mediocre until the dogs started dancing. . . .hopefully kids will be too distracted by Toy Story 3 to go for this.

  • Not sure I’m familiar with the comic strip, but the films that came to mind (both Disney) were the aforementioned Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Ugly Dachshund.

  • Joel
  • William H. Macy! Nooo!!!

    Seriously, this looks like the most soulless, unfunny thing since . . . Beverly Hills Chihuahua, perhaps? I felt like a little part of me died when all those dogs started dancing at the end.

  • Touché.

    But hey, it *was* a popular comic strip with a lengthy history. It came from a particular cartoonist with a particular style and, arguably, a sense of humor.

    And the character that made it all work? He didn’t speak.

    So of course, in the movie he won’t shut up. Even though I wish he would… even in the trailer.

  • Um, when did Marmaduke have integrity?

    I’m with you, Jeff, but that line made me laugh.

  • Rick Ro.

    I don’t disagree with anything anyone is saying here about good filmmaking and storytelling, but this trailer didn’t strike me as all that bad. It certainly didn’t send me to depths of despair I felt after seeing the “Transformers 2” and “2012” trailers. Those are two trailers that made me think all the things being brought up here. The “Marmaduke” trailer…not so much.

  • Okay, okay, I’m half joking.


    This trailer make it look like such a prime example of all that’s wrong with American entertainment.

    Let’s take something that once had a shred of integrity.

    Let’s copy it, in a form it was never meant to have.

    Let’s rush it into production without care for a decently funny script.

    Let’s not bother to develop a story anybody will care to remember.

    And let’s rake in the dough by the people we’ve duped into buying what they’ve been conditioned to buy even though, if you stopped and asked them about it, they’d probably admit it wasn’t very good.

    Think about it: For a family of four, we’re talking about fifty bucks… closer to 100 when you think about the food and beverages.

    What kind of quality family evening could that money buy? How many quality family evenings could that money buy?

    There are dozens of great all-ages films out there that could be enjoyed for the first or second time. And enjoyed at home, for the price of a rental (or the cost-free option of the public library), you could serve up some snacks that are healthier *and* tastier.

    I could go on and on, but it’ll just ruin my evening to think about it.

  • Erik

    In response to Rick Ro. –
    It looks to me like this film is relying on talking animals dancing and making a mess to make money, rather than using strong storytelling, good characters, and a clear and relevant theme to entertain and educate. So to answer your question, I’m with Jeffrey on this one.

  • Rick Ro.

    Hmm. Interesting. Jeffrey, I’ll admit that I shared your skepticism when I first read your title “Marmaduped” and before I saw the trailer, but I found the trailer a bit more appealing than apparently you did. And I do love my child and want what’s best for her…and may actually take her to see this anyway…LOL.

    So do you mind if I begin a debate here? Did anyone else who watched this trailer find it amusing and think it holds promise for the movie? Or are you, like Jeffrey, hoping the world ends before it hits theaters?

  • It’s kind of poetic, in a way; Owen Wilson’s post-rehab comeback driving critics everywhere to drink.