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Just so you know... … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright Stuff

It's always a breath of fresh air to hear N.T. Wright, a voice crying wisdom into the wilderness of American Christianity.Here are a few clips that just came to my attention. .. … [Read more...]

Good Dog, Bad Dog, Great Show! (Updated)

My favorite Over the Rhine album is still Good Dog Bad Dog.It's the record that made me fall in love with the group that have been my favorite band ever since. They're still growing, still getting better, but you know how it is. First love.Here are several clips from last week's live performance of the entire album, 14 years after it was released... … [Read more...]

While You’re Celebrating the Fourth of July…

... I'll be packaging up The White Strand of The Auralia Thread, a novel called The Ale Boy's Feast.So if I'm not blogging very often, well... now you know why. … [Read more...]

Fight Club (1999)

UPDATE 2010: Looking back at my original review for Fight Club, I find my feelings haven't changed about it... except in one significant way. The conclusion of the film is much, much more disheartening. It portrays a calamity that, at the time of the film's release, seemed over-the-top and incredibly bleak. Apocalyptic, even. Well, a couple of years after the film came out, we came to know calamity just like that. And so, what was once a sort of absurd comedy is now a very real scar on the … [Read more...]

Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest

I have a new all-time favorite NBA player. … [Read more...]

World’s Worst-Dressed Priests

Turning our attention now from the worsening oil spill in the Gulf to an even greater crisis... … [Read more...]

World Cup Pope

What does Pope Benedict XVI think of soccer? … [Read more...]

To infinity and beyond… friend-o.

What would Cormac McCarthy's Toy Story 3 look like?Here's the answer: … [Read more...]


You think that historic Wimbledon showdown was intense? Wait'll you see this... … [Read more...]