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Gimme Some Truth

In memory of a great speech, from a great man, that occurred on this day in 1963... … [Read more...]

Two new albums by Sufjan Stevens, and one by Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips just tweeted this news for subscribers to her Long Play music club: Long Play EP #5, "Days of the One Night Stands", will be released tomorrow, August 27th exclusively to Long Play... I love that title.It'll be a good Friday.Subscribers can now listen to a long conversation between Sam Phillips and Eric Gorfain at The Long Play's "Phone Booth," as they talk about their year of collaborations, and the future.But wait, there's more... … [Read more...]

Cover Story

Kristopher Orr's cover art for The Auralia Thread has been nothing short of inspiring for me.And this morning, I revealed the book cover for The Ale Boy's Feast, the final chapter in the series. (Unfinished versions have been floating around on various bookseller sites, but the real cover is here now.)Want to see it? … [Read more...]

Oh, Danny Boyyyyyyle…

Danny Boyle, director of Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, and my favorite... Millions... has a new film, and here's the trailer... … [Read more...]

Ask Me Anything – Toy Story 3, Inception, “Hipsters”

On my new Tumblr site, there's a feature called "Ask Me Anything."Nobody ever uses it.And yet here at, people ask me things all the time.So, I figure I'd better answer the questions where they're being asked.And in this new, recurring "Ask Me Anything" series, I'll often consolidate questions for the sake of convenience.Like this question, which has come up frequently both here and on Facebook: Q: When will you review Toy Story 3? … [Read more...]

The Secret of Kells (2010)

[This is an expanded version of a feature that was first published in two parts at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image journal.]•Have you ever seen The Book of Kells? I mean, really seen it with your own eyes?I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more breathtaking work of art. Photographs can’t capture the way light plays across the vibrant, reflective ink. Nineteen years ago I stood in Dublin’s Trinity College and leaned over a glass shield to study a couple of those exquisitely inked pag … [Read more...]

A Great Loss: Michael Been of The Call, One of the Great Rock Singers, Has Died

A site called Buddyhead is reporting that Michael Been has died. … [Read more...]

The Naked Now

I heard Richard Rohr speak at The Glen Workshop, and in ten minutes he challenged me  profoundly. ... … [Read more...]

It’s happening again: Join me for a week of movies and discussion.

What happened when the lights went out in Room 105? … [Read more...]

Got 89 cents?

89 cents. … [Read more...]