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Do celebrities matter? Part Two.

Recently, I posted the first part of The Other Journal's podcast on celebrities.That was only the beginning. … [Read more...]

Thomas Merton just emailed me.

I love getting messages from Thomas Merton. He always knows just what I need to hear.Check this out... … [Read more...]

Where I’ll be this weekend…

I hope I'll see some of you at this amazing place this weekend. … [Read more...]

Who was Noah’s wife? (If you answer "Joan," you’re wrong.)

Americans sure love to talk about religion. And many are riled about about whether or not they think the U.S. is, or should be, a "Christian nation."If they knew what they were talking about, they might even make a difference. How many of those in the debate have ever actually read and studied their scriptures? … [Read more...]

What Whitman Said

The great Andy Whitman has a few things to say about Calvin College's decision to cancel the New Pornographers concert. … [Read more...]

The scene on the sidewalk

The story is almost ready, but something's been missing.I've been searching for a scene. … [Read more...]

IAM Encounter 10: How Then Shall We Tell Stories?

I hope you enjoy this presentation of my visit to Encounter 10, the 2010 arts conference hosted by International Arts Movement.This talk was my response to a question posed to me by the IAM team. I had the privilege of sharing thoughts in response to the question "How Then Shall We Tell Stories?" (This followed my " IAM conversation" with the sensational Christy Tennant, which you can listen to here.)It's a variation on an evolving presentation that I've shared at Seattle Pacific … [Read more...]

Christianity Today’s Knockout Interview with Marilynne Robinson

This is the most thrilling stuff I've read at Christianity Today in a while.Great interview. I wish they'd made this a cover story. It's one of the most important conversations this magazine could offer its audience. But according to this, it's a web-only feature. I don't understand. Oh well... I guess they know better than I do what is important enough to put on the cover of the magazine. Why draw people's attention to a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author's profound views on reconciling science … [Read more...]

The Illusionist (2010) – a guest review by Kenneth Morefield

I'm grateful for this guest review submitted by Kenneth Morefield from the Toronto International Film Festival. Morefield has generously contributed reviews to this site from previous festivals, and I'm glad he thought of including in his coverage.Here, he writes about one of the films I'm eager to see for myself: The Illusionist... … [Read more...]

U2 and Julie Taymor are bringing on the webslinger more? Here you go with a song... … [Read more...]