Auralia goes camping! Then, she goes to the Hollywood Bowl!

Where have you discovered The Auralia Thread lately?

How about Live at the Hollywood Bowl?

My friend Chuck writes to say,

I had the privilege of playing with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and I had The Ale Boy’s Feast with me. Here are some pictures from on stage. Sorry for my phone’s photo quality… I think you’ll still get the idea.

Wow. It’s the next best thing to being there!

That’s only the first of two stories that surprised me this week. Here’s the other one…

My uncle called on Saturday night. He and my aunt were camping near Bend, Oregon. While sitting at his campsite, he overheard voice from the next campsite. He heard a man talking about what he was reading. And he mentioned that the author “really likes Tolkien.” Then he mentioned a book called Through a Screen Darkly.

My uncle, who has always been very encouraging to me in my writing, got up, walked over to the next campsite, and introduced himself. And he said, “That writer you’re talking about… he’s my nephew.”

Then he called me, and put his new friend Mark on the phone. So I ended up joining this conversation about my books at a campfire far, far away.

Mark had just started reading Auralia’s Colors. Now I’m going to send him a copy of Cyndere’s Midnight.

If you take any of the Auralia Thread books with you anywhere this week, send me a photograph for the collection that I call Auralia’s Colors Around the World, which I keep on my Facebook page.

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