My First Review for Good Letters at Patheos.

Allison Backous. Richard Chess. Lindsey Crittenden. Kelly Foster. David Griffith. A.G. Harmon. Chad Thomas Johnston. Caroline Langston. Peggy Rosenthal. Vic Sizemore. Bradford Winters. Tony Woodlief. Sara Zarr.

This team of writers grabs and holds my attention almost every day at the blog called Good Letters. So it is an honor to participate with them as a contributor, in this daily endeavor hosted by my favorite literary journal, Image (a publication and a community that I can honestly say has blessed and changed my daily life) , and published on the bold, expansive network called Patheos.

Today marks my first film-review publication at Good Letters since it relocated to Patheos and appeared before a larger audience. It’s my review of First Position.

I’m thrilled to step onto the Patheos stage, and grateful to their team… especially Timothy Dalrymple, Patheos’s director of content. So spread the word. Update your bookmarks. Go see First Position. Watch for my reviews to appear at Good Letters twice a month. And explore the wide world of Patheos to see what else they have to offer. I haven’t seen anything quite like it anywhere on the Wild, Wild, Worldwide Web.

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