Turn-It-Up Tracks of the Week: Giddens, TMBG, Marling

InsideDuring my commute to and from my daily responsibilities at Seattle Pacific University, I often listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and new releases.

But most of the time, I just hit “Shuffle” to see what pops out of my lifelong music library.

When it’s a happy surprise, I turn it up… and often I’ll play it more than once. And sometimes I’ll fight the urge to roll down the windows and share it with the world.

It occurred to me today: Why not just post my favorites here?

So consider this new feature a more polite form of rolling down the windows: Here are this week’s commute-soundtrack surprises and Turn-It-Up tracks.

Turns out all three are recent releases…

Turn these up… and then, if you feel inspired, post a link to the song that you found yourself turning up this week.

What song are you playing repeatedly this week?




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  • Ken Priebe

    THIS….(and the other 3 songs on their “Have Plenty of Fun” EP)

    Fake Major – Little Researcher