A New Conversation with Pete Horner, Sound Designer for Jurassic World

Pete HornerMy friend Pete Horner was the sound designer/sound mixer for Jurassic World… not to mention his extraordinary back catalog of work, like the Redux version of Apocalypse Now.

He won an Emmy for his work on Hemingway and Gellhorn.

Here he is, interviewed for Filmback, talking about the art of sound design. Well worth listening to.

And here’s a shout-out to my friend Claire Tanner, who is a producer and the co-host of Filmback. Great work, Cory Titus and Claire Tanner! Check this out.

And if you like that, you’ll like the bonus round, when he tells a story about my favorite band: Over the Rhine.

Image published my two-part interview with Horner a while back: Part One, Part Two.

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