Living in the Tension – Monday, September 22

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, September 22, we will be showing the documentary Call Me Malcolm. The documentary follows Malcolm, a trans man in seminary, as he takes a trip across the country discussing his identity and Christian faith with friends and hearing the stories of other transgender individuals along the [Read More…]

Thinking Relationally

“We have been too wrapped up in planning the communication of our truth by cooking up contingency plans for potential rebuttals that we have forgotten to think relationally.  Looking for opportunities to build trust will inevitably remove some of the fears and obvious obstacles we face. ” — Love Is an Orientation, pp 44-45   It’s [Read More…]

Kidnapped for Christ Screening & More — See You Saturday!

This week Saturday, September 13 at Fourth Presbyterian Church (126 E Chestnut St, Chicago), we’re partnering with Level Ground- the organization that created the world’s first faith based LGBTQ film festival- to bring you the ONE DAY ONLY Chicago stop on the 2014 Level Ground Road Show!

The afternoon will showcase a screening of Kidnapped For Christ (trailer above), a recent documentary that has gained international attention. Later, we’ll be joined by Derek Webb and Hello Industry for an evening concert. Discussion, an interactive art space, snacks, and short films will be available throughout the afternoon. [Read more…]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Mon. 9/8

After taking a break for Labor Day, we’re back at our Living in the Tension gatherings this upcoming Monday, September 8th. This week we’ll be disscuing and sharing with one another about where we have grown and what has helped us in relation to loving and productively engaging with those that we adamantly disagree with [Read More…]

Cultural Competency Vs. Cultural Humility

The first approach is to say nothing. It’s hard to offend if you don’t open your mouth. There are any number of proverbs about “the fool” defending this position. It’s wise. However, it’s not really sustainable in the long run. The conversation around gender and sexuality has become one of the the defining issues facing the church today. As I wrote last week, moderate voices are needed.
The second approach is to equip oneself with the right vocabulary and the right set of expectations. It’s hard to offend if you don’t say anything offensive. Or at least in theory. In practice, these conversations can be very difficult to navigate, as we’ll see. But this approach is known as cultural competency.
There’s a third approach, of course. It’s cultural humility. [Read more…]

Being the Token Gay Christian

I am glad my fiancée and I represented ourselves and our love in a positive light.


What if I had been having a bad day? I can be quite shy and sometimes I just don’t feel like explaining myself to new people – so what if I had ignored my friend’s father? What if my fiancée and I had been arguing or experiencing a tense moment in our relationship? Would my friend’s father have walked away with the same positive changes in his viewpoint or would we have confirmed every negative opinion he believed about LGBTQ people? [Read more…]

In case you missed our August Newsletter…

In case you missed it, our August newsletter hit the inboxes last week. Click here for a link to it, and here to sign up so you get the next one!

New dates and details for several fun things coming up in September, I’m Sorry Campaign highlights, and a recap of our July/August Living in the Tension series all made the newsletter… we’ll share that last recap below. Be sure to sync your calendar with our calendar so you don’t miss any of the great things coming up! [Read more…]

“What If They Think I’m Gay?” And Other Fears that Keep People from Engaging

“Be Bold.” This is the declaration splashed across our website and facebook page. It’s The Marin Foundation’s motto, although it’s not one that I reflect on often. [Read more…]

Living in the Tension – 8/18

Join us for our upcoming Living in the Tension Gathering on Monday, August 18th, where we will be discussing sex trafficking.We have a special guest presenter, Brenna Cyr, who will be discussing LGBTQ sex trafficking in the city of Chicago. Sex trafficking is a worldwide issue with over 30 million slaves, 60,000 of whom live [Read More…]

AIDS Run & Walk Chicago

We’re putting together a team for the fourth year for the AIDS Run/Walk Chicago, and we would love to have you join us! The event is being hosted at Arvey Field (just south of Grant Park) on Sunday, September 14th at 9am. Your involvement with the run/walk will go to benefit the AIDS Foundation of [Read More…]

Past the Fear of the Unknown

Today’s post is by Melinda Guerra, our Administrative Assistant here at The Marin Foundation.

A few weeks ago, stuck in traffic, I noticed that the car to my left had a lanyard set on its bumper, with a car key and remote attached. Taking advantage of heavy traffic, I jumped out of my vehicle, grabbed the keys from the bumper, and knocked gently on the door, motioning for the passenger to lower his window.

Two people around my parents’ age stared back at me, wide-eyed and terrified, holding their hands in the air like… like this was a hold-up. [Read more…]

Living in the Tension 8/4 – Discussion: Biblical Interpretation & Same-sex Relationships

For the past month The Marin Foundation has been addressing these questions through our three-part series on biblical interpretation and same-sex relationships. For the first two parts, Matthew Vines presented the progressive view of scripture as it relates to same-sex relationships and Julie Rodgers presented the traditional view.

On Monday, August 4th we will come together to discuss the speakers and information shared in the previous two gatherings and consider ways in which we can move past our differences, live in constructive tension and elevate this conversation. For more information see theFacebook event page. [Read more…]

4 Things I’ve Learned from Matthew Vines and Julie Rodgers

The following post is by Jason Bilbrey, our Director of Pastoral Care here at The Marin Foundation.  You can read more from Jason at his blog, or follow him on Twitter at @JasonBilbrey.  Does the Bible support or prohibit same-sex relationships? This question behind a three-part series, “The Bible and Homosexuality,” that we’ve put on as [Read More…]

Being a Listener

The following post is by Ian Brown, student at Moody Bible Institute, and a summer intern with The Marin Foundation.
Becoming a listener is a lot harder than it sounds for someone like me. I tried just shutting up for a while and that helped, but it certainly didn’t fix much. I needed a plan; a set of guidelines to go by when I was talking to people. So I came up with these four tangible practices: [Read more…]