Living in the Tension – Monday 2/10

For our next Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, February 10, we will be watching and discussing the documentary Out Late. The documentary highlights the stories of five individuals that made the decision to come out as LGBT after the age of 55. We will be meeting at 7pm in Room 124 on 5255 N Ashland Avenue. Once again, [Read More...]

Proverbs 31 Man: What I Discovered by Switching Genders in the Bible

Do God’s instructions transcend the cultural contexts in which they were originally issued, or simply further illustrate the foreignness of those contexts from my own modern sensibilities?

The answer, of course, is yes. Yes to both. [Read more...]

Fear of the Unknown

The following post is written by our friend Candice Czubernat. Candice has spent the last 13 years studying theology and psychology, grappling with how homosexuality and Christianity can co-exist. She now servers as a web-based therapist and is founder of the Christian Closet, offering counseling sessions over the web through Skype, G-video and over the phone. Candice is also an [Read More...]

No Time…

no time

This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. You can read more from Michael at his blog here – and his book, Love Never Fails :: Building Bridges Between the Church and the Gay Community will be available for pre-order soon (Fall 2014, IVP). – Last summer, I wrote something [Read More...]

Cutting Ties

The following post is by Jason Bilbrey, our Director of Pastoral Care here at The Marin Foundation.  You can read more from Jason at his blog, “Discomfort over disengagement.” I penned those words last summer as I was developing the Culture War Curriculum for the Continuing Education Classes we offer here at The Marin Foundation. [Read More...]

Advent 2.0

Warren Perry is a teacher and coach, Southerner and Yankee, sinner and saint living in the tension in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @CoachPerry03 or contact him    Even though the holidays are in our rear view mirror now, there are still many lingering blessings that we can take from the season [Read More...]

Living in the Tension – Monday 1/27

Update: The Living in the Tension gathering scheduled for January 27th has been cancelled due to cold weather forecasted for the night. Mark your calendars for the next gathering on Monday, February 10th. For our next Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, January 27, we will be watching and discussing the documentary Out Late. The documentary [Read More...]

Top 13 Books of 2013

For what has become my favorite annual competition, five years ago a group of friends and I created a book reading competition–victory trophy and all. In the calendar year, our competition tracks the total number of books completed and the total number of pages in those completed books. I didn’t start ranking the books I [Read More...]

13 Most Viewed Posts of 2013

Check out the 13 most viewed posts in 2013 on our Love Is an Orientation blog! Topics range from a man’s wife coming out, to the United Nations, to big news from pastors Louie Giglio and Steve Chalke, to the major LGBT news of 2013 with the rulings on DOMA and Prop 8, and Exodus International closing. [Read more...]

This is Pure.


This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. – News of the rabbi who taught a radical redemption was spreading well beyond the religious community. The common people followed him in hoards, hoping to hear his healing teaching – or even experience the touch of his hand. Jesus made his [Read More...]

The Five Stages of Grief for Parents of LGBT Children

In my time at The Marin Foundation, I’ve talked to many, many parents about the series of conversations that these words spark, like the pistol shot that signals the beginning of a grueling marathon. And the two phrases that I hear most often are these: “it felt like my world had been flipped upside-down” and “it felt like a death in the family.” I think these statements speak to the fact that it’s a grieving process. Parents often feel a very real sense of pain and loss when their children come out to them.
And that makes sense. [Read more...]

Go and Sin No More


Jesus did say, “Go and sin no more.” The often forgotten fact is that it was only Jesus who said that, prefacing it with “Ye without sin, cast the first stone.” In a story that is all about not throwing stones because we are all sinners, we’ve identified with God. No wonder we are missing the point! It wasn’t until everyone else left that Jesus privately spoke with the woman and said, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.”

Our human tendencies make us want to be that seminarian student, standing up to condemn each other. But that is not the model Christ left for us. We must leave room for the Holy Spirit to do Its job. The model that was left for us is one of reconciliation, not condemnation. [Read more...]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Monday 1/13

We will be gathering for our next Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, January 13, and we will be discussing the topic of divorce. We will be meeting on 5255 N Ashland Ave. in Room 124 at 7pm. If you’re available beforehand, we will be meeting at Jerry’s Sandwiches on 5419 N Clark St. at 5:15pm to have [Read More...]

A Robust, Biblically Rooted Understanding of Sexual Identity and How to Live It Out

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!  We took a bit of a break over the Holidays and the freeze, but we’re back today with the final in the 3-part series by Jacob Heiss. Jacob Heiss is a Jewish follower of Jesus presently serving as the associate pastor for adult discipleship, outreach, and connections ministries [Read More...]