Part 1: United Kingdom

As many of you know, this past September I was invited to go on a two week tour throughout some of the United Kingdom to talk about my book and The Marin Foundation’s bridge building work. I started in Eastbourne, went to Brighton (from what I was told is considered the gay capitol of England), then on to Edinburgh [Read More…]

Definition of Compassion

I just read one of the best conceptualizations of compassion that I’ve ever read outside of the Holy Scripture: Hebrew [chesed]: To love tenderly, to have mercy, compassion upon anyone “Compassion is derived from the Latin words ‘pati’ and ‘cum’ which together mean “to suffer with.” Compassion asks us to go where it hurts, to [Read More…]

Much Love Video

The title says it all. Monday’s are no fun, so I’m sending a minute of my love because I do love you all! Much love. [Read more…]

Another Award!

Wow. I can’t say anymore than I’ve already said about how unexpected and special this whole book thing has been, both in regards to the impact that it has had and how it has been received by both the GLBT (secular and religious) and conservative religious communities. Love is an Orientation just recieved its third award, being listed in a [Read More…]

Last Day of a lot of Things

I woke up today realizing that today is the last day of the decade. Hello Captain Obvious! 10 years ago this day I just completed my first semester in college and my best friends had yet to ‘come out’ to me. Wow. I was quite the unsuspecting homophobe at that moment.  Who would have thought [Read More…]

I’m on the 700 Club

The clip above will be appearing on tonight’s (Dec 30th) 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Seriously, I’m not lying! Heather Sells, a reporter from Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), came to my first session where over 1,300 students packed a ballroom to listen to how Jesus counterculturally responded to close-ended yes/no questions, and thus, how we as Christians in [Read More…]

Formulation of a Belief

Have you ever wondered how one formulates a belief? I’ve been thinking about this recently and I think I’ve finally formulated my belief on how one formulates a belief.  I feel that belief formulation is so important because it’s a key component to cracking, constructing and deconstructing the broader cultural psyche and therefore, cultural trends within. This [Read More…]

Part 7: I Need Help

I wanted to update everyone on the fundraising. First off, I have to sincerely thank you all for your generosity. Since Part 1 of this series three weeks ago, you all have given $10,000! I’m serious … $10,000. I can’t believe it. I am so humbled I don’t know what to say, other than Thank [Read More…]

Urbana Missions Convention

From today until New Year’s Eve I’m going to be speaking at Urbana 09 – the largest student missions convention in the world! There are about 20,000 people gathered here in St. Louis this week for this convention, and in the Christian world, it’s a really big deal to be teaching here. I’m very humbled, [Read More…]

Grizwald, I mean Marin, Family Christmas Tree

Each year since knowing Brenda, I have to join in their family tradition of cutting down the family Christmas tree. Seriously! I’m not lying. It’s my own yearly version of living out finding the Grizwald Family Christmas Tree! Enjoy the video. Here’s the best part – when Brenda and I have a family she wants [Read More…]

4th Printing

Speaking of books in 2009, I just got a card in the mail from my publisher letting me know that the newly award winning Love is an Orientation just went into it’s 4th printing! That’s cray … 8 months and 4 printings later the message is really getting out there. Thanks so much everyone for reading [Read More…]

Top Books of 2009

I thought I would join in on the fun of ranking the Top Books of 2009. My only qualifications for this list are that I had to complete the entire book somewhere between January 1 and December 31, 2009 (even though we’re just short of it being December 31), and the book didn’t have to [Read More…]

Live Chat Today

Don’t forget today’s Live Chat from 3-5pm CST today, December 21st. And for all of my West Coast homies, I’ve started a rotating Live Chat schedule in 2010 for later in the evening so you can have an easier time participating. Here’s how to participate in the Live Chat: -Click on the ‘Live Chat’ button on [Read More…]

Andrew Interviews Tony Jones

Here’s an interview with the man, the myth, the legend … Tony Jones. He’s seriously one of the most quoted/talked about and disdained (isn’t it funny how those two are linked?) people in Christianity. One of the things that just boggles my mind is when people don’t read other’s works or they don’t talk to them [Read More…]