Dec 4: My One Sentence Bible

This is my new favorite song – it’s just so moving. What is My One Sentence Bible? 12-4-09: Prepare your heart for the Lord to answer you personally. Don’t always rely on others. Ezekiel 14:7 When the Lord blesses you with worldly successes, don’t start trusting in them and pimping yourself like you accomplished something. [Read More...]

Youth Worker Journal Interview

Last month while speaking in Cincy at the National Youth Worker Convention the Youth Worker Journal stopped me (coincidentally minutes before I had to be filmed teaching two classes for almost six consecutive hours!) for an interview to talk about what it means to have gay or lesbian kids in your youth group, and where the broader church can make [Read More...]

Live Chat and LITT Today

Don’t forget today’s Live Chat from 3-5pm CST. Also, tonight is The Marin Foundation’s next Living in the Tension Gathering at 5255 N. Ashland Ave Room 120 from 7-9pm in Chicago. Here’s how to participate in the Live Chat: -Click on the ‘Live Chat’ button on the top of the page -Type your question into [Read More...]


What you see below is a recent important development. A good friend of mine is a very influential person with connections to not only the Ugandan government, but The Church of Uganda as well (yes, I have been trying to work through them to arrange meetings to speak to the Ugandan leaders pushing this legislation [Read More...]

Radical Hospitality

A good friend of mine works for the William Penn House - a ‘Quaker Center on Capitol Hill’. Here is their definition of hospitality, and I love every word of it: “Our goal is to simply provide hospitality – a warm place where those gathered can share their hopes, dreams, visions. Among these are family and [Read More...]

Because I Said So

It is well documented that I LOVE Chicago. As I have said in other places, you will have to pry my cold dead body from this city to get me to live anywhere else; no matter how horrible the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago’s governments are run. I take the Chicago Transit [Read More...]

Dec 2: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 12-2-09: ‘The measures you use to judge others will be used to judge you’ is a very serious statement—life and death literally depends on it. Ezekiel 9:3-10 What you fear, and thus, bring against others is the same medium that the Lord will bring to awake you of your [Read More...]

World AIDS Day

This morning I got to speak at Wheaton College for Mosaic Initiative’s World AIDS Day breakfast. Here are a few thoughts I brought up: Within broader culture there needs to be both micro and macro pushes by the Christian community to make a culturally relevant impact on individual people as well as larger people groups.  [Read More...]

Dec 1: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 12-1-09: If God individually told all of us in detail how we would be persecuted because of our belief, would you still publicly do His work? Ezekiel did. Ezekiel 3:25 Ezekiel didn’t just call the Israelites out, God said he had to bear their sin for 430 days lying [Read More...]

Faithfulness: The New Evangelism

I just started reading the book of Ezekiel (as you can tell by My One Sentence Bible from today) on my yearly trek to read the Bible from cover to cover. To me, the overarching principles of the book of Ezekiel speak loud and clear about what it means to live a faithful Christian life—to [Read More...]

Nov 30: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 11-30-09: Just imagine to one day actually see the radiance of the glory of the Lord—will we be able to describe it as easily as Ezekiel? Ezekiel 1:28 The perfect model of humble faithfulness to God’s calling is sprinting forward in what is asked by God—not continuing just because [Read More...]

Rich? Yes Please…

Yesterday was Black Friday and I got up at 3:20am so I could go shopping and get everyone I loved something really special. I want to briefly give you my Philosophy of Money and Spending: I give more to the Lord than I can “afford” and then I spend the rest blessing those really special [Read More...]

Controversy of Being Thankful

On this day I am thankful, among many, many other things, for one thing in particular: That Jesus Christ came to this earth as a baby of no status or privilege, incarnating himself into a broken world and peacefully loving all of humanity to Him, even though many didn’t, and don’t, want to believe. I [Read More...]

Part 2: Lesson Learned from Andrew

This is a powerful story, and an unfortunate example of what happens to many of our youth in today’s Christian culture. But look what happens then, when there is a direct intentionality to bridge building – and look how our youth respond to a message they are just yearning to hear. Is it hard to [Read More...]