Love is an Orientation Out Ranks the Kama Sutra!!!

Ever since I was told that my book was on Amazon I checked it’s potential ranking categories to see who is bestselling in those areas…and the Kama Sutra was always the #1 book in the Gender and Sexuality category. Well at least for right now, Love is an Orientation is the #1 book in Gender [Read More...]

Picking Up My Books—Part 2

These are 3 short videos of me on Monday March 30th at InterVarsity Press’ distribution center, as I complete orders for Love is an Orientation that were ordered through IVP. The first video is me filling out the shipping order. The second video is me packing and sealing the envelopes. The third video is me [Read More...]

Picking Up My Books—Part 1

On Monday March 30th I had the exciting privilege of driving to InterVarsity Press’ headquarters with my father-in-law (in a big van) to pick up the 1,000 Love is an Orientation books that The Marin Foundation ordered….because it’s officially released and will be hitting the stores shortly! Here Here Here You can find the full [Read More...]

Leadership Journal Reviews Love Is An Orientation

While I was in San Diego speaking at the National Pastors Convention I had an opportunity to sit down with an editor (Brandon O’Brien) from Leadership Journal for a thirty minute interview to talk about my book and the work of The Marin Foundation. You can click here to read their review of Love Is An Orientation. At [Read More...]

Andrew Marin on Jesus Creed

Today Scot McKnight, a good friend, well known theologian and the creater of the #1 rated emergent blog Jesus Creed, posted a response that he asked me to write regarding a letter he recived from a worship leader about a gay student in the worship team. You can check out the original letter here… And [Read More...]

Guest Post: Divorce of the Church—Part 2

Here is Part 2 to DJ’s personal experience to how homosexuality in the church affects GLBT people. And DJ, thank you so much for sharing your life and thoughts with us, allowing us to enter into your head, worries, fears and understandings… “I don’t think people quite understand the pressure that the gay-oriented Christian feels [Read More...]

Can’t Help Myself

First off, each week I’m getting more and more annoyed by the new judge Kara for the following reasons: She says the same stuff for every contestant in a monotone, hand-gestured manner as she tries to make her “big idea” become a reality (which it never really does) She tries too hard to make herself [Read More...]

Guest Post: The Divorce of a Church—Part 1

In a previous post DJ, a reader of my blog, made some very poignant comments that I thought were extremely important for everyone to hear. Here is Part 1 of his feelings on being gay and attending a church that is having a hard time living in the tension of what is faith and sexuality: [Read More...]

My Book is in the Warehouse

I just got the coolest phone call I’ve ever received: InterVarsity Press just called to tell me that my book, Love is an Orientation, just got delivered to their distribution warehouse!!!So for all of you who have pre-ordered it (and thank you so very much for that!!!), it should be arriving some point soon! And [Read More...]

Gays in the Military

I recently read an article by a national Christian organization claiming that having open gay and lesbian people serve in the military would be a threat to the congruency of our armed forces. Three things came to my mind: 1. A few years back a study in TIME said that 60% of publications from 1940-1950 [Read More...]

Reminder of Faith in Food

This past weekend my wife and I stopped in to eat at Portillos (if you’ve ever been to Chicago you know the wonderfulness that is Portillos!). When we sat down I looked at the booth next to us and I saw a very elderly couple sitting on one side, and sitting across from them on [Read More...]

Reflection from last night’s Living in the Tension

I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced quite the time of total transparency in community more so then I did last night. The topic was Slang, Slurs and Sex: The stopping points that separate us from each other and the Father. I opened our time last night the only way I knew how—by being as [Read More...]

A New Way of Marriage?

A friend of mine, Bart Campolo, brought this recent TIME Magazine article to my attention through his blog. The article is about two law professors, one who is in favor of gay marriage and the other who is against it, and their new theory in how to provide legal and political space for marriage, that [Read More...]

Living in the Tension Community Gathering

Tonight is our second Living in the Tension Community Gathering, 7pm at 5255 N. Ashland in Chicago (yes, the address is one building different). For more information you can click here. We will be discussion the language, biases and stereotypes that tear us all down. Tonight’s theme will be: Slang, Slurs and Sex: The Stopping [Read More...]