Joe’s “Raised Quiverfull: Homeschooling” Responses Posted

I have now added Joe’s missing responses to the Homeschooling section of the Raised Quiverfull Project. You can access them below:

Homeschooling, Q. 1

Homeschooling, Q. 2

Homeschooling, Q. 3

Homeschooling, Q. 4

Homeschooling, Q. 5

Homeschooling Section Summary with Links

Homeschooling Section Complete Document

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  • Paula G V aka Yukimi

    Completely and utterly off topic but I was wondering if you guys had watched Monty Python’s Life of Brian and what you thought of it. I have the feeling that for CP/QF families that film must be sacrilege on steroids XP It’s an incredibly good film and sooo funny.

    The last song on the film with the crucified people moving their hands was the wedding song of my mom and step father. a sing along youtube vid of the song:
    and the original song in the film: