Worthwhile Reads: Randomness

Atheists Need To Do a Better Job of Communication, by Friendly Atheist

The “Biblical Science” of Creationism Is Neither Biblical Nor Science, by the Slacktivist

The Battle Against the Culture Wars, by the Slacktivist

How To Win A Culture War and Lose a Generation, by Rachel Held Evans

The World: (Not So) Evil and Dangerous, by Latebloomer on No Longer Quivering

"Yes. Just need to do carpool a few blocks away now."

Lesbian Duplex 168: An Open Thread
"And for those LGBT people who have come from spiritually abusive denominations / congregations, and ..."

Answers in Genesis: Be Careful, Wayward ..."
"OMG. "Mass casualty event" here two hours ago. Man driving a rental van mounted sidewalk ..."

Lesbian Duplex 168: An Open Thread

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